COE Summit 2019 | April 9-11
Tours & Workshops

  • Good to know
    • Workshops and tours take place Tuesday, April 9, and include a catered lunch at the Fawcett Center or off-site.
    • All sessions are offered during the summit registration process on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each session has two waitlist slots available should it reach capacity.
    • All tours depart from and return to the Fawcett Center
    • Pricing listed below for sessions does not include any early bird or group discounts.
    • You must register for the Wednesday-Thursday summit programming to register for one of these sessions - COE does not allow Tuesday-only registration.
  • Pricing
    • Pricing listed below for sessions is before early bird / group discounts, which combine to 15% off before Jan. 1.
    • You must register for the Wednesday-Thursday summit programming to register for one of these sessions - COE does not allow Tuesday-only registration.
    Event Member rate Non-member rate
    Afternoon tour $105 $135
    All-day tour $170 $215
    Morning or afternoon workshop $305 $385
    All-day workshop $435 $545

All-Day Workshops/Tours

  • Tour | Continuous Improvement in a Digital World:<br /> Fidelity Investments (Covington, KY)

    Fidelity, one of the largest providers of financial services for individuals and companies’ employees, has been on a continuous improvement journey for 20 years. For much of that time, the focus was on improving the physical processing of mail between Fidelity and customers, but recent years have seen a transition to continuous improvement of digital processing.

    On this all-day tour of Fidelity’s headquarters in the Cincinnati area, attendees will see the input and processing of physical and digital customer requests, including physical keying and decision-making steps that connect business process workflows. Tour leaders also will discuss and show examples of:

    • Successes and challenges with improvement efforts to connect thousands of associates that perform tasks across the country through digital tools, robotic process automation, and other process improvement techniques;
    • The use of quality tools and customer journey mapping to guide improvement efforts;
    • Design thinking and lean/Six Sigma training initiatives; and
    • Efforts to build and refine the company’s culture of continuous improvement.
  • Workshop | InBox Lean Office Simulation

    Host: MoreSteam

    Many organizations have critical functions that unfold in an office environment. The contributors to those functions often feel left “in the dark” when it comes to relating to the concepts of inventory, WIP, process mapping, and improving processes. Unlike a manufacturing environment, where the workplace is largely observable, knowledge work is especially prone to process waste when “invisible.”

    In this all-day workshop, participants role play a virtual office workflow to bring visibility to the otherwise invisible process through application of key lean principles. Led by representatives from MoreSteam, the SigmaBrew InBox simulation plunges participants into the fictional world of a large specialty coffee retailer struggling with quality and customer service issues in an increasingly competitive commercial market. During the workshop, participants will apply concepts such as:

    • Value stream mapping,
    • Takt time,
    • Value stream metrics,
    • Error-proofing,
    • Standardized work, and
    • Theory of constraints.

    Most importantly, the workshop provides participants with tools for engaging those involved in transactional work with process improvement concepts and for leading them through problem solving.

Morning Workshops

  • Achieving Excellence Through Gracious Leadership

    Host: Janet Smith Meeks, CEO, Healthcare Alignment Advisors; author, Gracious Leadership: Lead Like You’ve Never Led Before

    News stories of disgraced CEOs and toxic workplace cultures are symptoms of a larger problem: Some leaders are missing the mark in “how” they lead, which can breed employee disengagement and major losses in productivity. What can we do now to restore respect within the workplace so organizations can achieve excellence and optimize profitability through highly engaged, peak-performance teams?

    In this workshop, former Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s President Janet Meeks draws on her decades of leadership and lessons from her new book to take a deep dive into the key ingredients of “gracious leadership.” This session includes:

    • Case examples of a high-profile CEO departure and an incoming CEO’s turnaround efforts;
    • A high-level overview of the key ingredients of gracious leadership;
    • Discussion-oriented deep dives into three of the key ingredients;
    • The opportunity to develop an individual game plan with pragmatic action steps that can be taken to begin the gracious leadership journey.

    This workshop is designed to inspire participants to start the journey with immediacy; there’s no better time than now to focus on fully respectful, peak-performance leadership.

  • Innovation: From Abstract Process to Core Organizational DNA

    Host: Tracy Stephens, consultant; fmr. executive, Procter & Gamble Co.

    In many organizations, innovation exists as a process, a simple case of following a few prescribed steps and arriving at big, transformative ideas. The reality is quite different. For innovation to thrive in an organization, a culture of innovation must permeate its very DNA. In this interactive session, led by innovation expert and longtime Procter & Gamble Co. executive Tracy Stephens, participants will learn how to create a compelling vision that can drive day-to-day actions and broader business goals.

    Topics include:

    • Avoiding the “curse of the handover” from upstream innovation to downstream delivery that creates “idea rich, execution poor” organizations;
    • Internalizing the importance of disrupting your own business before someone else does; and
    • Steering transformative innovation through the inertia common in huge organizations.

    Participants will emerge with a better appreciation of the importance of a transformative vision in creating a “gravitational pull” for innovation. They’ll also better understand: how to create a compelling, irresistible vision; how to define strategic intent on a project; and how to “ladder” this into creation of an innovation program.

  • The Science of Leadership

    Host: Fisher Leadership Initiative

    Articles on leadership in academic journals are published at a rate of 13 a day. Business books with their take on leadership are a staple of bestseller lists. With so many different perspectives, how can one filter all this information to identify the skills a leader truly should develop in order to succeed? In this workshop, Prof. Tim Judge – a top researcher in the field who heads Fisher’s Leadership Initiative – walks attendees through the most evidence-based and relevant competencies leaders need to advance.

    Individually and in groups, attendees will analyze and compare these insights to results from a short personal assessment taken prior to arrival. This tool, the BUILD Leadership Assessment, was created by the Leadership Initiative and is the most comprehensive, evidence-based measure of performance across 36 observable leadership skills. Members of the Leadership Initiative will be on hand to offer attendees a debrief on their results and help them craft an action plan for developing skills that will increase their effectiveness as leaders.

    This session is recommended for managers, individuals who want to build leadership skills, HR representatives, and organizational/team leaders.

  • SOLD OUT<br /> Breakthrough Communication: Messaging That Works

    Host: Marc Ankerman, senior lecturer, Fisher College of Business

    Information overload is becoming more of our lives inside and outside of work. As a result, communicating effectively is more important than ever, whether it’s making the case for change, sharing results of an initiative, or giving routine updates. In this personalized and feedback-oriented workshop, Ankerman — an award-winning professor and communication expert — will offer best practices on “breakthrough communication,” centered on the idea that “the message is the thing.”

    Attendees will:

    • Learn to use communication essentials such as the T3 and PPPTA methods;
    • Identify communication weak spots in general and specific settings;
    • Practice and present in simulated business scenarios; and
    • Work with a presentation planner tool that helps organize future presentations.

    Some attendees will have the option to have a digital video of their mini-practice presentations available for critique and viewing after the session.

  • SOLD OUT<br /> The Building Blocks of Lean

    Hosts: Rick Guba and Jill Treece, faculty, Fisher COB Master of Business Operational Excellence program

    Just dipping your toe into lean? Looking to refresh your knowledge on the basics as you prepare to teach others in your organization? Join Guba and Treece, experienced leaders of process improvement initiatives in the corporate world, for this interactive workshop that leverages a case study and simulation to highlight foundational principles and tools of lean that work in any industry. The simulation will focus on how to take a complex process and break it down into manageable improvement cycles.

    By participating, attendees will be better equipped to apply and teach basic principles and tools of lean, including, but not limited to:

    • Identifying waste;
    • Redesigning processes for flow; and
    • Visual management.
  • SOLD OUT<br /> Measuring for Success

    Host: David Veech, faculty, Fisher COB Master of Business Operational Excellence program

    An organization’s capability to rapidly solve problems and adapt to changing conditions is emerging as a critical competitive advantage — but you can’t improve what you can’t measure, and knowing what to measure can sometimes be a challenge. In this workshop, led by popular summit presenter and author David Veech, attendees will learn new tools and strategies for measuring work and making it more visual, a proven principle of lean. The workshop will cover:

    • Why measure and what to measure, namely what kinds of performance measures tend to be most useful in a variety of work settings.
    • How to measure for more effective decision-making and goal-setting, connecting specific metrics to strategic priorities.
    • Building and using tiered visual management systems, creating different measures for different levels and aligning each level to a “true north.”
    • Measuring for leader development and high-speed problem solving, with a focus on developing leadership skills through an effective measurement system.

    By actively participating in these sessions, participants will gain valuable insight into work systems and enable them to immediately put new skills into practice, potentially seeing remarkable gains in safety, quality, productivity, cost, environmental impact, and human performance and development.

  • SOLD OUT<br /> Sports Analytics: Tools and Techniques for Work and Play

    Host: John Draper, Fisher College of Business

    How should the Cavs stack the line-up as they take on the Warriors? Up 2 points with the ball at the 40-yard line with 10 minutes to go, should Urban go for it or call on the punt team? These decisions are more than a “gut feeling” – unlocking the power of analytical techniques and quantitative methods can produce data-driven decisions, a practice on the rise in sports and countless other industries. In this workshop, back after a well-received run in 2018, Prof. Draper guides attendees in developing new analytical skills using the world of sports – complete with real-world examples and real data. Ultimately, attendees will sharpen their Excel skills and strengthen their capabilities in critical thinking, statistical analysis, predictive analytics and optimization

    To attend this workshop, attendees must …

    • Have a basic knowledge of Excel
    • Know the basic rules of football, basketball, baseball and hockey (No expertise needed – just know how many outs in an inning, how many downs before a first down, etc.)
    • Bring a laptop the day of the workshop.

Afternoon Workshops/Tours

  • Tour | Supply Chain Innovation:<br /> New Albany Personal Care and Beauty Innovation Campus (New Albany, OH)

    Consumer brands today have more pressure than ever to pivot quickly on customer demand and feedback — but that requires a network of supply chain partners that can keep up the pace. Central Ohio is home to a one-of-a-kind supply chain partnership that’s doing just that for some of the world’s biggest health and beauty brands at New Albany’s Personal Care and Beauty Innovation Campus. Here, products travel through the supply chain, from concept to creation, packaging and distribution, in the course of a few miles, taking a once-global process hyperlocal.

    On this two-stop tour, attendees will visit the campus’ founding tenant, packaging assembler Accel Inc., and hear the story of the unique collaborative setup from Co-CEO David Abraham before walking the floor. The tour then heads around the corner to anodized aluminum packaging maker Anomatic Corp. to tour the operation, including examples of lean tool and behavior deployment.

    Across both sites, the tour will focus on …

    • How companies in the tightly knit campus community leverage proximity to drive innovation, taking time to market from weeks and months to days;
    • How Accel and Anomatic are responding to shifting workforce dynamics to facilitate a diverse and inclusive culture for their employees; and
    • How they’re exploring new avenues to grow their own businesses in the competitive and fast-moving personal care and beauty market.
  • Tour | Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing:<br /> Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (Columbus, OH)

    Advanced manufacturing is changing quickly in the U.S., and The Ohio State University is at the forefront of that revolution as industries demand speed and ROI. On this tour, visit Ohio State’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME), which is leading efforts to help companies leverage new lean processes, automation, data analysis, and energy efficiency to become more productive than ever. The CDME tour will include:

    • A tour of the operation’s Application Labs, which include Advanced Materials and Applications, Mechanical and Design, Electronics and Controls, and Additive Manufacturing;
    • A walk-through of CDME’s Experiential/Entrepreneurship/Education (E3) Student Center, which is improving students’ readiness for industry; and
    • Demonstrations of projects in areas including advanced materials development, additive manufacturing, medical devices, radar advancements for autonomous vehicles, and more.
  • Tour | Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning<br /> NiSource (Gahanna, OH)

    Many companies are bracing for a retirement wave that’s placing newfound importance on effectively transferring knowledge and skills to a new generation of workers. On this tour, see how utility provider NiSource Inc. is ahead of the curve in reacting to this trend, building a culture of continuous learning that’s designed to keep its workers safe in the field and equipped with the changing industry’s latest knowledge and skills. Attendees will get an inside look at NiSource’s culture of learning by observing and participating in hands-on, coaching-driven activities and simulations that, for example, teach best practices in driving, back-hoe operations and icy conditions.

    Attendees also will visit NiSource’s Emergency Response Safety Town, a mock village for employee training that replicates real-world conditions, complete with underground natural gas lines and indoor appliances.

    This tour is highly recommended for any attendees with responsibility for, or interest in, knowledge management/transfer and/or worker safety.

  • Tour | Transportation's 'Smart' Future:<br /> Transportation Research Center (East Liberty, OH)

    An engine of automotive industry innovation is situated right on the outskirts of Central Ohio. With a 40-plus-year track record, TRC provides a wide range of engineering, R&D, and compliance and certification testing for industries, governments, trade associations, and educational institutions worldwide. On this tour, visit TRC’s 4,500 acre operation northwest of Columbus, which operates 24/7 with a variety of facilities, including road courses, wooded trails, a high-speed test track, and a vehicle dynamics area. On this expansive facility, TRC Inc. conducts programs designed to test for safety, energy, fuel economy, emissions, durability, performance, noise, crash simulation, and crash-worthiness.

    Attendees will see TRC’s:

    • Skid pad, used for brake testing and connected vehicle testing;
    • Vehicle Dynamics Area, a 50-acres asphalt dynamic pad;
    • Durability courses and dynamic handling areas;
    • Test track, the largest of its kind in the country; and
    • (Pending facility opening and TRC approval) SMARTCenter, a state-of-the-art facility designed to test advanced automotive and mobility technologies.
  • SOLD OUT<br /> Tour | Company Culture as an Innovation Driver: CoverMyMeds (Columbus, OH)

    Over the course of a decade, healthcare software maker CoverMyMeds has built a reputation as one of the best places to work – not just in Columbus, but in the country. On the surface, that’s visible through a Silicon Valley-like atmosphere: casual vibe, collaborative spaces. Beneath that, though, is a culture that values and trusts its rapidly growing employee base, giving them the opportunity – and the right environment – to innovate. CoverMyMeds also is working to make continuous improvement an integral part of its growth, but in a way that best fits its startup-like, jargon-free culture. On this tour, get a look at why CoverMyMeds is regarded as one of the best places to work and see how the company is driving the adoption of lean and agile tools and behaviors.

  • SOLD OUT<br /> Tour | Healthcare Transformation in Action:<br /> Mount Carmel Health System (Columbus/Grove City, OH)

    Mount Carmel Health System is on a journey to transform Central Ohio's healthcare scene. Four years ago, Mt. Carmel embarked on a grassroots lean journey that quickly evolved into a high-reliability journey engaging its nearly 11,000 employees. On this two-stop tour, see and experience how this work has transformed Mt. Carmel’s culture and significantly improved care for their 1.2 million patient visits a year. Since its journey began, the system has cut its hospital-acquired infection rate by 54%, reduce days lost to colleague injury by 86&, and consistently improved colleague engagement scores and financial performance.

    On the first stop, at the system’s flagship Mt. Carmel East location, attendees will:

    • Hear the story of the hospital’s dramatic improvement of nearly every measure of success;
    • See their Tiered Accountability huddle system transform daily management by empowering the front line through visual management boards at each level of the organization
    • See how a strategy deployment process flows strategic priorities to each colleague; and
    • Learn about innovative surgical outcome improvements through commitment to PDCA cycles.

    On the next stop at the new Mt. Carmel Grove City hospital, attendees will

    • See how leaders infused lean principles into the state-of-the-art design of the hospital, as well as the new processes that materialize within its walls;
    • See significant waste reduction in surgery processes through innovatively designed pre- and post-operation areas
    • See the hospital’s tiered accountability process and hear the story of transformation from hospital leaders.
  • SOLD OUT<br /> Tour | Lean Manufacturing for High Quality, Low Cost:<br /> Hikma Pharmaceuticals (Columbus, OH)

    Hikma, formerly West-Ward Columbus Pharmaceuticals, is one of the top generic prescription medication makers in the U.S. and has been deploying lean tools and behaviors to improve quality and lower costs for years. But because Hikma operates in a high-product-mix environment with multiple market segments, traditional lean tools aren’t always a one-size-fits-all proposition and must be adapted.

    On this tour, go inside Hikma’s state-of-the-art, 1 million-square-foot manufacturing facility to see how the organization is leveraging lean to remain competitive, adapt to the rising cost of goods, and meet stringent regulatory standards. This walking tour will focus on lean deployment areas including:

    • Visual management;
    • Product flow efficiency;
    • Standard work; and
    • Putting front-line employees’ improvement ideas into action.
  • SOLD OUT<br /> Workshop | Fundamentals of Coaching for Improvement

    Host: Katie Anderson, founder, KBJ Anderson Consulting; faculty, Lean Enterprise Institute

    For managers and executives, coaching skills development often takes a backseat to work on skills of a more technical nature. However, to create an organization filled with problem solvers at all levels, leaders must deepen both their technical competencies in problem-solving and their social capabilities of how to effectively develop others to become confident problem solvers. Effectively coaching others is essential in achieving a culture of continuous problem solving at every level of the organization.

    During this half-day interactive learning experience, participants will be exposed to fundamental coaching skills that will help them be more effective at developing others, study and practice the art of asking questions in service of others, and begin to develop a plan for personal improvement.

    Following this session, participants will be able to:

    • Describe coaching principles, applications and practices
    • Practice asking effective questions
    • Develop a plan for personal development and improvement in the skills learned
  • SOLD OUT<br /> Tour | Team-Building Craft Brew Adventure:<br /> North High Brewing (Columbus, OH)

    Columbus is a craft beer town, with more than 40 breweries spread across the central Ohio area, according to the Ohio Craft Brew Association. Just a half-decade ago, however, the market’s explosive growth was just getting its start – and North High Brewing got in on the ground floor. In this tour and team-building activity, get a look inside North High, one of the first 10 craft breweries established in Columbus and co-founded by Tim Ward and Gavin Meyers, both MBA graduates at Fisher College of Business. The experience starts off at North High Brewing’s production facility, which produces nearly 3,000 gallons of beer a week that’s made available at more than 1,000 locations around the state. Ward and his team, including veteran brewmaster and partner Jason McKibben, will offer an overview of the local craft brewing scene – its history, its market dynamics – and guide attendees on a walking tour of the operation.

    From there, the tour continues to North High Brewing’s taproom just south of Ohio State’s campus, where attendees will form groups and custom-make a batch of beer, starting from scratch by measuring out grain and hops.


    • Beer made on-site during the tour will be bottled in early May and each attendee is entitled to one six-pack from the day’s brewing experience. Pick-up can be arranged post-summit but COE is unable to ship the finished product.
    • Due to expected demand for this tour, we ask that companies please try to limit group sign-ups to no more than five per company.
  • SOLD OUT<br /> Tour | Customer Experience and Flow:<br /> John Glenn Columbus International Airport (Columbus, OH)

    As the Columbus region grows as a hot spot for living and working, it’s presenting new challenges for John Glenn Columbus International Airport, where passenger traffic has jumped more than 20 percent in the last four years alone. Fortunately, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and its federal partners are benefitting from investments in technology and by implementing a number of improvements – to everything from baggage flow and air traffic management – designed to create a safe, positive, and efficient customer experience.

    This tour takes attendees behind the scenes at John Glenn Columbus, where the following will be featured:

    • Innovations in baggage security screening and handling that have streamlined flow from check-in at the ticket counter to departure
    • The behind-the-scenes processing operation, where 5S principles have been implemented to reduce transportation waste and cut lead time while improving the quality of screening
    • Applications of visual management principles that better direct operations and maintenance staff to problems (bags in need of additional screening, luggage jams)
    • The airport control tower, where technological innovations are meeting new federal requirements with the goal of improving airspace efficiency. On this section of the tour, employees also will share insights on their processes and how they collaborate.

    This wide-ranging tour also will include a discussion of the airport’s recent growth and its future expansion prospects.

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