Fisher College of Business offers real estate degree programs for graduate students and undergraduate students.


Within the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) Program we offer the Real Estate Management Career Track. It prepares students for a wide range of professional career paths in real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate operating companies, real estate development, financial institutions, investment banks, consulting firms, and e-commerce startups. Consisting of three core courses, students are also encouraged to take courses in City and Regional Planning, Law, Geography, Construction Management, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Resources.



Real Estate Minor
We are thrilled to announce that as of Spring 2016 we offer an interdisciplinary minor in real estate. The objective of the new minor is to provide students with an opportunity to complement their major studies with a specialization in real estate; to engage students from a variety of departments to create an interdisciplinary classroom experience; and to prepare students for the various employment opportunities in the field of real estate. As you can see from the minor summary sheet, the minor is a 15-credit minor with two required courses and three electives that can be taken at Fisher, City and Regional Planning or Construction Science Management.

Real Estate and Urban Analysis Major
The undergraduate major, Real Estate and Urban Analysis, builds upon two years of liberal arts education and the business core of accounting, finance, marketing, management, and quantitative methods. Undergraduate real estate majors take real estate finance, investment analysis, and appraisal with courses in real estate law and principles available. Students are encouraged to supplement their major with urban economics, urban geography, city and regional planning, and other courses.