Interested in earning your license for real estate sales/brokerage or appraisal?

There are three basic licenses granted by the state of Ohio: real estate salesperson license, real estate broker license and an appraisal license. All real estate professionals must obtain a license from the Ohio Department of Commerce prior to being able to work in the state of Ohio. Each license has different requirements, including a mixture of educational requirements, length of experience, and others.

Beginning in the academic year 2014/2015, students interested in acquiring a real estate sales license will be able to fulfill their educational requirements at the Ohio State University by taking the following courses:

  • BUSFIN 3400 - Introduction to Real Estate
  • BUSFIN 4412 - Real Estate Law
  • BUSFIN 4410 - Real Estate Finance
  • BUSFIN 5402 - Real Estate Valuation