QUIC Digital Badge

QUIC digital badgeWhat is a digital badge?

"Digital badges are an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online. Badges are designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, and hold the potential to help transform where and how learning is valued." - MacArthur Foundation

Think of a digital badge as a certification--it can be shared on social media (such as LinkedIn) to display an accomplishment. When students become QUIC through the Office of Career Management, they will be issued a QUIC digital badge and have the option of sharing this achievement through the Buckeye Badges platform.

How do I earn a QUIC badge?

First, students must complete the QUIC interview process and PASS the QUIC interview. Official criteria for the badge are listed below:

  • Criteria 1: Complete the Handshake profile and upload a resume.
  • Criteria 2: Complete Office of Career Management Carmen Modules containing information about our office and the job search process. Earn 100% on the quiz following each module and submit a video interview response to module 6.
  • Criteria 3: Sign up for and participate in a one-hour QUIC interview held in the Office of Career Management. Earn 86% or higher on the interview assessment.

Once a student has passed his or her QUIC interview and completes the necessary step of following up with a thank you note, a QUIC digital badge will be issued via email to the student's osu.edu email address.

How do I accept my QUIC digital badge?

How do I share my QUIC badge on LinkedIn?

For more information go to the Buckeye Badges website.

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Fisher is partnering with Buckeye Badges to recognize QUIC students.