MHRM Advisory Board

Alumni and friends of the Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) program at The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business serve as valuable sources of guidance for the direction and continuous evolution of the program. The MHRM Advisory Board is a subset of this larger group — individuals representing the diversity of the program. These distinguished professionals represent a variety of industries and geographic locations, and work tirelessly to shape the future of our program by striving to fulfill our shared vision.

The MHRM Program Vision

The MHRM program strives to be one of national prominence with global reach offering an unparalleled academic experience. This vision will be achieved by leveraging the scale of The Ohio State University, the reputation of Fisher College of Business, the vast network of MHRM alumni and friends throughout the world and through the active participation of our engaged and motivated students, faculty, staff and partner organizations. We will work to offer a program that delivers an unparalleled, intimate, tailored and holistic approach to developing tomorrow’s human resource leaders.

Committee Structure

The MHRM Advisory Board meets twice a year (fall and spring), with each member actively serving on at least one of the following committees:

  • Alumni Engagement and Events – helps develop strategies to engage an alumni base that numbers more than 1,000 proud alumni around the world.
  • Curriculum – works with faculty members to advise on industry trends and how these current events and dynamics can be incorporated or reflected in the MHRM curriculum.  
  • Diversity and Inclusion – ensures that diversity and inclusion is embedded throughout the program; works closely with several other committees, faculty and staff at the college to ensure that our program is inclusive and attracting talent from underrepresented populations.
  • Mentorship – develops a comprehensive mentorship program to support our students’ personal and professional development while in the program.
  • Onboarding – assists with the development and execution of an immersive student onboarding experience, which takes place in August prior to start of the academic year.
  • Philanthropy – assists with the development and execution of an annual campaign and other fundraising efforts.
  • Recruitment – assists with the development of a cohesive strategy to support the recruitment of top talent into the MHRM program.
  • Selection – provides advice on program admission criteria; assists with the new board member selection process as well.

For any questions related to the Advisory Board, please contact MHRM Academic Director, Ty Shepfer at or 614-292-4395. 

MHRM Resource Groups

The MHRM Advisory Board’s Alumni Engagement and Events committee is excited to share MHRM Resource Groups as a year-round, virtual opportunity for MHRM alumni and current students to connect and to have an ongoing support system and community regarding their HR interests while in the Program and beyond, throughout their career.

Advisory Board Members