Donor Recognition

We are grateful to those who support our mission.

Learn more about Ohio State's donor communities and how your gift makes a difference at Fisher.

President's Club

President's Club celebrates the bond that is shared by alumni and friends of Ohio State. It is a special circle of friends that honors our love of history and tradition, our belief in Ohio State's future and our desire to make our world a better place. To become a recognized President's Club donor, you must make a qualifying gift each calendar year (currently $3,000 in annual contributions).

Neil Legacy Society

The Neil Legacy Society recognizes alumni, faculty, staff, retirees and other friends who have named the university a beneficiary of a planned gift. Named in honor of the Neil family, who made 361 acres of farmland available for what is now known as The Ohio State University, the Neil Legacy Society honors those who have invested in Ohio State’s tradition of excellence long into the future.

Oval Society

Established in 2010 and named after the geographical hub and heart of the main campus beloved by generations, the Oval Society honors the leadership philanthropy of Ohio State’s most generous (currently those whose contributions to the university total $1 million and greater). It is the profound commitment of Oval Society members that enables the university to not only sustain an enduring tradition of scholarship, service and pride, but also help us go boldly into the future thanks to their transformational giving.

Contact Donor Relations

If you have any questions about the impact of your giving at Fisher College of Business, please contact Katie Mellett, Senior Director, Stewardship & Operations. 

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