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Pathways for Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Program

Women account for 37% of students in supply chain courses, yet only 5% of C-suite executives in Fortune 500 companies. In comparison, women hold 15% of executive officer positions at Fortune 500 firms. While there is a relative balance of men/women at the undergraduate level, the imbalance at senior leadership levels is dramatic.

Regardless of these factors, there is strong support for the idea of enhancing the pathways to success for women in supply chain as a means of enhancing the aggregate skillset. This program, offered by the Operations and Business Analytics Department, is a combination scholarship and experiential engagement program that will introduce female undergraduates to supply chain careers earlier in their college experience and provide them with opportunities to engage with industry executives in a mentoring capacity.

Mi Kyong Newsom, PhD, Program Leader

Kenneth K. Boyer, Fisher Designated Professor