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Member Benefits

  • Provide the opportunity to develop relationships with peers in other industries.
  • Conduct research to install leading edge practice in Forum organizations. Identify implementable approaches, useful tools and measures.
  • Influence the development of courses not readily available in industry or offered at other institutions.
  • Make research available through publications and other means.
  • Provide opportunities for constructive feedback to improve business practices.
  • Conduct on-site benchmarking and other benchmarking opportunities.
  • Access to a source of student hires.
  • Solve problems using depth of experience of group.
  • Provide diverse perspectives of the global supply chain.
  • Develop cross-industry and cross discipline perspectives.
  • Opportunity to participate in the biannual GSCFmeetings.
  • Discounts and Complimentary registrations for participants on executive education open enrollment seminars.