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Rooted in research

Fisher is known for its rigorous approach to research—and the Risk Institute is proud to carry this tradition into a new, leading-edge realm. We take a holistic approach to research, analyzing risk’s potential in every part of an organization, from a variety of academic and business perspectives.

We share our insights with our partners so they can develop their own systematic approaches to leveraging and managing organizational risk.

Driven by experience

The Risk Institute focuses its research on real problems faced by real companies. Partners bring their risk challenges to the table, and our team of specialists and students work to solve them. Our discoveries are made available so that partners, students, and the global business community can gain a deeper understanding of risk and its impacts.

Led by experts

At the helm of the Risk Institute’s research efforts are many of the best and brightest risk thinkers. They include academic scholars, seasoned practitioners, and business partners. By collaborating, they produce research that’s truly usable— in the classroom and in the boardroom.

Applied to practice

Because our leaders have been analyzing and studying risk for years, we have access to an extensive bank of theory and research that’s already been pioneered and completed. This gives us the opportunity to translate theory into practice—by working with partners to make academic research specifically applicable and accessible to business.