Rooted in research

The Risk Institute meets at the intersection of academia and industry and is committed to generating new insights and influencing the adoption of leading risk management practices.  As part of this commitment, The Risk Institute sponsors funding for research ─ area-specific and interdisciplinary ─ seeking to discover and advance risk management concepts that organizations can use to leverage risk management to create value.

The Risk Institute Annual Survey on Integrated Risk Management

This annual survey by The Risk Institute was created in 2014 to better understand how senior executives from both financial and non-financial industries view risk management’s role in their organization; how, if at all, they integrate risk management into business decisions; and how they structure their risk management function to support its role in the firm. View survey results.

Current Call for Research Funding Proposals

The Risk Institute invites area-specific and inter-disciplinary proposals to fund research related to governance and culture in risk management.  Grants of up to $30,000 cash will be awarded to support research related to risk in governance mechanisms including, but not limited to, board of directors, incentive compensation schemes, large shareholders, activist investors, and regulations.

For proposal requirements, see the Call for Research Funding Proposals. 
Due date for proposals HAS BEEN EXTENDED to FEBRUARY 29, 2016.

Grants Issued

  • The proposal, Firms’ Health Insurance Risk and the Affordable Care Act by researchers at The Ohio State University College of Public Health, seeks to examine how companies respond to risks related to health insurance arising from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The researchers are interested in understanding the ways organizations are managing their exposure related to these risks and the implications of these decisions on corporate and HR strategies.  The grant was awarded in January 2015.

  • The proposal, Managing the Tension between Confidentiality Protection and Innovation: The Impact of Supply Network Structure and Relationship Strength by researchers at Cornell University and The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business involves examining tension which exists between the performance outcomes of confidentiality and innovation capabilities and their associations with the characteristics of the network involved in new product development. The grant was awarded in January 2015. 

  • The proposal, How much for a haircut? Illiquidity risk, the secondary market, and the valuation of private equity by researchers at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management focuses on examining whether empirically observed returns and diversification benefits to investors in private equity funds suffice to offset the risks they face, and correspondingly how they affect the investors’ overall portfolio allocations to private equity.  The grant was awarded in January 2015.

Research Translations

The Risk Institute aims to bring academic research to the business community through our translation of the most compelling risk related research. These brief summaries highlight the current academic findings and make them applicable to the current challenges facing risk management professionals. Coming Spring 2016.