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Career Paths

As a career choice, real estate sometimes seems to be overlooked.

People in a career-planning mode, college and university students, recent graduates starting out in the job market, and professionals thinking of a mid-career change - tend not to have given the same thought to real estate careers as to careers in law, business, finance, or other fields. And even those who are thinking about real estate tend to be unaware of the breadth of the real estate industry and thus not fully aware of all the career possibilities. Many of them think that real estate is just about housing, or that everyone involved in real estate is a developer.

In fact, real estate offers more career choices today than it ever has. For starters, career opportunities can be found in working for anyone of the following types of organizations:

  • Large public real estate companies, which are coming to resemble corporate America in their organization and structure
  • Small private entrepreneurial organizations, which are unique to real estate; companies that invest regionally within the United States, nationally, or globally
  • Companies that specialize in a single product or related products, such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, industrial real estate, apartments, or home building
  • Companies that develop or own multiple real estate products; nonprofit organizations that own and develop real estate
  • Companies that finance real estate
  • Corporations with their own real estate departments
  • Companies that provide real estate services, such as design and architecture firms, brokerage companies, and various consultancies