Site Walk-Through Series

Once per quarter, we arrange a walk through of a prominent real estate development project given by the individuals that are responsible for the project’s design, oversight, and completion. This generally includes the developer, architect, and construction manager. Sites chosen are either very recently completed or currently under construction.

This series is designed to give students a better understanding of what goes into the building process – from the preparation to current day, including what’s gone right, what’s gone wrong, who is involved, what’s left in the future.

We know it’s important to for students to expand learning outside the classroom. and that there are many important lessons that can only be learned by discussing the challenges and successes of a project while seeing it in person.This series was created with the hope that students, with little or no experience, will be able to gain a better understanding of how the business works, one project at a time.

The series is led by the Center for Real Estate Education and Research in partnership with the Fisher Real Estate Society (FRES), an undergraduate and graduate student organization.