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The Center for Real Estate Education and Research staff provides programs and opportunities that expand students understanding of real estate, connect them with professionals in the real estate industry and enhance their chance of acquiring their ideal job and/or internship.


Ken Gold

Ken is the driving force behind the center’s relaunch, helping to conceive of everything from its new ideas to its new image. He has been involved with the real estate program at Ohio State since he was a student here thirty years ago. He currently teaches the capstone real estate course in the MBA program. He strongly believes in experiential learning, giving students opportunities to work on true-to-life projects and situations.

Ken is also the Director of the Center for Real Estate Education and  Research. After lying dormant for nearly a decade, the Center for Real Estate is going through an exciting metamorphosis. Tapped in the summer of 2007, Ken has taken on the job of recreating the center with vigor. He plans to bridge the gap between the academic world and the professional field by connecting students and faculty with his network of professional colleagues and friends, to create the best Center for Real Estate in the nation.

Ken has been practicing real estate development for 28 years. Currently, he serves as president of Skilken, a commercial real estate company which is based in Columbus, Ohio. Skilken provides an entrepreneurial setting that allows him and his team to explore creative niche opportunities that are both small and large.