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Mission and Vision

The Center for Real Estate Education and Research is an Academic Center of Excellence housed in Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. We are directed by three primary objectives:

To create new knowledge and provide expert analysis through academic and empirical research in all aspects of real estate.
To guide the direction of the real estate academic curriculum at The Ohio State University which provides students with a multi-disciplinary, experiential learning approach to comprehending real estate.
To provide programs and opportunities that expand students understanding of real estate, connect them with professionals in the real estate industry and enhance their chance of acquiring their ideal job and/or internship.

Our vision is that through a multidisciplinary education and relevant job training shaped by cutting-edge research we will train the next generation of leaders in the real estate industry. The center brings together university communities to build innovative, cross-curricular real estate initiatives in research, teaching, and mentorship. Through these programs the Center for Real Estate Education and Research helps attract the best students to Fisher College of Business and provide them the training necessary to prepare them for a wide range of successful careers.

Local, regional, and national organizations increasingly identify graduates of The Ohio State University as the most qualified candidates for jobs that require the full breadth of knowledge of the real estate industry. The Center for Real Estate Education and Research also connects students, faculty, and staff with real estate professionals, and community and government leaders to create greater synergy between the state’s education and training infrastructure and its economic development initiatives.

These partnerships help develop sustainable neighborhoods and communities which provide the infrastructure and services that make communities flourish. As a result, our program improves the community and accelerates regional economic development by attracting talented and highly educated students and industry professionals to study, teach, research and live within The Ohio State University community.