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Our outstanding faculty combines decades of experience and knowledge of the industry:

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  Ken Gold, President, Skilken / Director of Center for Real Estate
Ken Gold
(614) 292-3221

Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University
241 Mason Hall
250 West Woodruff
Columbus, OH 43210

Ken Gold directs Skilken's new development, leasing and Skilken Real Estate's brokerage where he capitalizes on his experience and passion for both retail and real estate. Ken grew up in a family of retail entrepreneurs, learning the fundamentals of the business. Combining his M.A. in Finance with his retail background, Ken joined the Skilken retail development team in 1979. His knowledge proved invaluable in creating and expanding relationships with some of the nation's preeminent retailers, such as Target, Kroger, CVS and Chase.

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  Paul Weinstock, Senior Lecturer in Finance and Business Law
Paul Weinstock
(614) 292-4719

Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University
334 Fisher Hall
2100 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43221

In addition to teaching a variety of business courses, Professor Weinstock teaches preparation courses for graduate school admission tests and team-building and interpersonal skills in corporate training seminars.

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