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Innovation Case Competition


Innovation Initiative Case Competition

Case competitions offer students the opportunity to work on challenges companies currently are addressing. Sponsoring companies present Fisher MBA students with a current "problem" and receive presentations on solutions and recommendations from our talented students. Students are judged by a panel of judges with both academia and industry backgrounds.

If you would like information on how you could be involved, please contact Bethany Montenaro at or 614-688-1014.

2014 Case Competition

The second annual case competition, sponsored by Scotts Miracle-Gro was held April 9th -11th here on campus. This year's competition, called 'SPARK and Shark', allowed teams of 3-4 MBA students the opportunity to work and analyze the challenge presented by Scotts beginning on Wednesday evening and concluding on Friday afternoon with Shark Tank pitch presentations. Students had 12 minutes to pitch their idea to a Shark Tank of Scotts' employees and make the case for why they had the "killer idea." The students worked hard and produced a number of great ideas! We congratulate all the participants and thank Scotts Miracle-Gro for sponsoring! The following is a list of the winning teams and prizes awarded.

1st Place - $2,400 and Best Lawn Idea - $1,000

  • Lars Lundberg
  • Eric Nielsen
  • Steve Werman

2nd Place - $1,600

  • Ryan Dotson
  • Khoa Nguyen
  • Todd Odess
  • Shai Rasmussen

3rd Place - $1,200

  • Taruna Bhagtani
  • Ria Chakravorty
  • Danielle Latman
  • Arjun Sridhar

2013 Case Competition

The first Innovation competition was held in Mason and Gerlach Hall Februrary 28th - March 2nd and consisted of 10 teams of MBA and Working Professional MBA Fisher Students. Sonomaceuticles, a science based food company producing products such as Gluten-free flours and grape seed oils from Kendall-Jackson grape skins and seeds, under the name WholeVine Products, sponsored the first case competition held by the Innovation Initiative. Students were asked to analyze and formulate recommendations for a challenge WholeVine presented surrounding the areas of innovation, marketing, and logistics. Students had 24 hours to produce recommendations and deliever presentations to the company and the panel of judeges made up of Fisher faculty, Innovation Initiaitve Corporate Forum Members, and corporate friends of the Innovation Initiaitve. The 10 teams worked hard and produced many great solutions to the challenge presented to them. We congratulate our students on a job well done and thank Peggy Furth and Paul Novak of Sonomaceuticles for the experience and wonderful prizes offered. The following is a list of the winning teams and individual prizes awarded.

1st Place - $3,000 and a trip to visit WholeVine in Sonoma County

  • Stephen Caution
  • Jon Koval
  • Eva Majzlikova
  • Abhay Prasanna

2nd Place - $2,000

  • Stacy Forman
  • Holli Jacobs
  • Meryl Swiatek
  • Neal Wagner

3rd Place - $1,000

  • Chih-Yu Han
  • Yi-Tsung Lee
  • Zedong Wu
  • Hong Yang

Most Innovative - $1,000

  • Tanya Curtin
  • Jonathan Giglio
  • Ravi Narasimhan
  • Krishna Sanga

Individual Awards - $150

  • Best Presentor: Tanya Curtin, Chih-Yu Han, Arjun Sridhar
  • Best Question and Answer: Ria Chakravorty, Brian Dick, Kevin VanderMolen