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Optimal corporate partners will possess corporate goals and objectives for top-line growth and value creation through the creation and commercialization of new products, services, or processes. We will continue to identify and seek out companies that we feel will enhance our membership network and can provide a unique perspective and experiences for students.


Member Benefits

Members of the Innovation Initiative receive the following benefits of membership:

  • Access to top MBA and PhD student talent through Innovation Fellowships (internships and career placements) and class projects
  • Access to proprietary academic and/or contract research
  • Findings and results stemming from research
  • Member rates for enrollment in innovation-based curriculum through Executive Education
  • Priority access to Innovation Fisher's "Innovate Columbus" and other events and symposia
  • Access to Innovation Initiative leadership on a consultative basis

Members Only


Become a Member

To receive information about becoming a member or to request more information, contact:

Liz Leininger, Program Manager
Phone: 614-688-2951