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Innovation Fellowships

Leading companies across an array of categories and market sectors are increasingly desirous of increasing their internal capabilities and expertise in innovation through the creation of new products, services and processes. In order to prepare students for this emerging need, The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business has invested in the development and delivery of curriculum, organizations and corporate outreach initiatives centered around the role of innovation in business.

These Innovation Fellowships are intended as summer internships within leading companies across various industries .The internships occur between the MBA candidates first and second year of enrollment in the program and should offer the traditional opportunity of an continued employment based upon the satisfactory performance by the intern during the internship and upon their graduation from Fisher.

Student Candidates

Qualified candidates from Fisher College of Business...

  • will have completed one or more of our MBA-level courses in innovation,
  • been a highly involved member of the Innovation Fisher student organization, and
  • possess a passion and advanced competence in the practice of corporate innovation.


Partner Companies

Optimal corporate partners will possess corporate goals and objectives for top-line growth and value creation through the creation and commercialization of new products, services, or processes.

Companies considering accepting interns should be organizations with
  • an established internal innovation team, program or competency,
  • a desire to establish an internal competency focused on consumer/customer-centered creation,
  • and/or have an interest in seeking to formalize processes, organizational structures and cultures which facilitate increased creativity, collaboration and ideation

Value... our student interns can offer real, demonstrable skills in the practice of innovation, a proven ability to help infuse an innovation competency within your organization, and/or work as a valuable addition to your current innovation efforts.


More Information

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