Student Roles

Fisher Professional Services (FPS) offers multiple tiers of leadership experience within the organizational structure. Starting as a Project Team Member/Consultant and working up to the level of Managing Director, there are opportunities to demonstrate leadership potential.


Project Team Consultant

This designation is given to Fisher students who are involved with FPS and have satisfactorily completed ProjectOne in the Autumn Semester. These individuals are directly responsible for generating deliverables under the guidance of Project Managers.

Essentially, the designation allows the individual to learn and refine skills needed to oversee a project management/consulting engagement. Project Team Members/Consultants are assigned to projects based on need, personal interests, and on skill set.


Project Manager

This designation is a promotion from Project Team Consultant given to individuals who have generally completed one year of service in FPS, and who would like to take a leadership role. Project Managers have increased responsibility and accountability within the organization. Responsibilities may include any and/or all of the following:

  • Project Management
    Leading the design and execution of both internal and external engagements, managing Project Team Consultants and workflow, meeting with clients, and overseeing an engagement from initiation to close.
  • Company/Client Relationships and Management
    Project Managers help provide leadership for the FPS business including ensuring client satisfaction. 
  • Mentoring
    Project Managers should be available to Consultants for counsel, advice, and mentoring with regards to FPS engagements.


Managing Directors

These positions are assigned by the Director and announced during spring break.

The Managing Directors are the “face” of the organization and are responsible for overseeing internal administration including assignment of Project Team Consultants and Project Managers to engagements, marketing FPS to clients, managing internal communications, working on strategic initiatives with the FPS Director, and acting as ambassadors of FPS to Fisher and beyond. These individuals should also be prepared to act as Project Managers, Subject Matter Advisors and Mentors as needed.