Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Fisher Professional Services but want to learn more? Below are answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

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Why FPS?

Why should I commit to FPS over other similar opportunities?

FPS offers the ability to apply the frameworks and concepts that you will learn in your business classes to the real business world. This differs from a field studies course or in the sense that your client will provide less structure to the problem which needs to be addressed. In a classroom setting, the professor will set out clear objectives; while for FPS, deliverables may be modified over time to meet client expectations. FPS engagements differ from other student consulting opportunities because we engage with paying clients whose expectations for output are on par with that of major consulting firms.


I’m thinking about a career in consulting, what does FPS have to offer?

FPS will give you a solid understanding of what it is like to work on a real world business problem. You will have the opportunity to learn what the entire process of an engagement is from proposal, to project plan, to deliverables, and follow-up to uncover client satisfaction and engage in relationship management.


I don’t think a consulting career is right for me, what does FPS have to offer?

FPS is a great way to propel your career in a new direction, while also adding professional services experience to your resume. All business students, whether they pursue careers in consulting or in the corporate world, will be assigned projects and expected to produce professional-level deliverables. Experience with FPS will ensure that our students are ready to meet these challenges.


Getting Started in the Organization

What is the typical weekly time commitment to FPS (and related engagements)?

While staffed on an engagement you should expect to commit ten hours per week. Between open engagements, your time commitment can vary from zero to a few hours per week for meetings and other FPS activities.


How many engagements do most Consultants have per academic year?

Typically, you will complete one project per semester, but may choose to complete additional or fewer projects (depending on availability).


How do I get staffed on an engagement?

If an engagement looks appealing to you, you will have an opportunity to apply to the position by replying to the notification email. Additionally, the FPS Director(s) may reach out to qualified consultants during the staffing process.


How long can I expect an engagement to last?

Engagements will typically last from 7-15 weeks or up to one full semester, although sometimes engagements will not align perfectly with the start and end dates of the academic calendar.


Am I obligated to complete a project every Semester?

No. FPS is a project by project commitment.  You are never obligated to apply to any project nor  have any commitment to the organization when not on a project.