Supply Chain Forums, Plant Tours and Other Events


May 13
Spring Keynote

Featured speaker: Rich Sheridan, CEO, Menlo Innovations; author, Joy Inc.

March 11
Supply Chain Forum: Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics


  • Greg Brockman, Purchasing Analytics Leader, Procter & Gamble
  • Gary Kinney, Product Supply Analytics Associate Director, Procter & Gamble
  • Eric Downing, Product Supply Business Intelligence Service Manager, Procter & Gamble
  • Michael Fry, University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics
  • Glenn Wegryn, University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics

Jan. 29 
IT Leadership Network Workshop: The Lean I.T. Transformation - Foundations

Session hosts:

  • Mike Orzen, president, Mike Orzen Associates
  • Tom Paider, AVP, IT Build Capability, Nationwide
  • Whitney Mantonya, owner/principal consultant, Collaborative Lean Solutions LLC


Oct. 30
Supply Chain Forum: The Make-Buy Conundrum

Keynotes / Panelists:

  • Bob Charleston, SVP, Operations and Supply Chain, T. Marzetti
  • Mark Kunar, president, Automotive, Engineering and Manufacturing, Exel Inc.
  • Tom Goldsby, professor of logistics, Fisher College of Business
  • John Gray, associate professor of operations, Fisher College of Business
  • James Hill, associate professor of management sciences, FIsher College of Business

Oct. 16
IT Leadership Network Fall Forum


  • Nordstrom Technology: An Ongoing Case Study for Continuous Improvement - Amy Evans and Micah Samuels, Nordstrom Inc.
  • Building Better Outcomes Between IT and Business Unit Leaders -  Bob Gold, founder/CEO, Gold Group Enterprises
  • Why Are We Here? Finding, Aligning and Sharing Purpose - Mike Orzen and Tom Paider, co-authors, The Lean IT Field Guide

Sept. 18
Workshop: Lean-Driven Innovation: A Crash Course
Host: Norbert Majerus, Senior Master Black Belt, Goodyear Tire & Rubber co.

June 5
IT Leadership Network Forum: The Lean I.T. Journey at Bose
Keynote: Dave Margil, Lean Deployment Leader, Bose Corporate Information Systems

March 13
Running the Risk: The Future of Supply Chain Excellence


  • Pat Sample, GE Aviation
  • Elizabeth VanBodegraven, Hexion

Feb. 19
IT Leadership Network Forum: The Case For Visual Management

Host: Gary Butler, executive-in-residence, Fisher College of Business; retired executive, Eastman Kodak Co.


Nov. 7
Lean Into Agile conference, in partnership with Central Ohio Agile Association

  • Mike Keller, Executive Vice President, CIO, Nationwide
  • Mike Orzen, President, Mike Orzen & Associates Inc.
  • Michael Sahota, certified scrum coach, Agilitrix

Oct. 29
"Innovation Day" workshop
Host: Prof. Aravind Chandrasekaran, Fisher College of Business

Aug. 15
"Value-Stream Mapping: The Leadership Imperative"
Presenter: Karen Martin, author, Value-Stream Mapping and The Outstanding Organization

June 27
IT Leadersip Network Webcast
"An Elephant on Roller Skates: Nationwide's Lean IT Journey"
Presenters: Tom Paider, AVP, IT Build Capability; Melanie Kolp, AVP, Finance IT -- Nationwide Insurance

May 16
Supply Chain Forum Webcast
"The Nexus: Central Ohio and the Global Supply Chain"
Presenters: Jeff ZImmerman, president, Columbus Region Logistics Council; Patty Huddle, VP, existing business services, Columbus2020

Feb. 27
IT Leadership Network Forum
"Inside American Electric Power's Lean IT Transformation"

  • Alberto Ruocco, VP and CIO
  • Venkat Miriyala, Lean Transformation Lead, Operations & Process Transformation
  • Mike Rozsa, Managing Director, IT Business Applications
  • Dave Standley, Managing Director, Telecommunications



Nov. 8
OLMA Link Symposium
Moderator: Georgia Keresty, VP science, technology and quality, Johnson & Johnson's Advanced Sterilization Products

  • Geoff Merchant, maanger of global commercial excellence, Greif Inc.
  • J.R. Roemke, business process leader, Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Mike Tanner, senior lecturer, Fisher College of Business
  • Peter Ward, co-director, Center for Operational Excellence
  • Aravind Chandrasekaran, assistant professor of management sciences, Fisher College of Business
  • Chris Dillinger, director of operational excellence, Cardinal Health
  • Bill Michael, continuous improvement consultant, Huntington National Bank
  • Reshma Pathare, business consultant, Nationwide Insurance

Nov. 1
Supply Chain Forum
"Reinventing the Role of Finance in Supply Chain Management"
Carlos Alvarenga, principal, advisory services, Ernst & Young LLP

Oct. 29
Supply Chain Career Connection
Co-sponsored by Operations and Logistics Management Association & Office of Career Management

Aug. 16
Lean Forum
"Lean Product / Process Development and the Pursuit of Enterprise Excellence"
Jim Morgan, President
Emc Group

Aug. 9
IT Leadership Network Forum
"Application of Lean Management Principles to IT"
Krish Krishnakanthan, Partner
McKinsey & Co.

June 24
COE-sponsored tour to Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. headquarters - Akron, Ohio

May 17
IT Leadership Network Forum
"Sustaining the Gains"
Panelists: Bruno Guicardi, CI&T; Brian Janki, Greif Inc.; Sean Kiner, RelayHealth; Todd Mcdonald, Grange Insurance; Amy Tomaszewski, Grange Insurance

May 9
Forum - for board members only
"The Lean Turnaround"
Art Byrne, retired manufacturing executive, author, The Lean Turnaround

Jan. 25
OLMA Link Symposium


Nov. 16
IT Leadership Network Forum
"Founding a Culture of IT Risk Management Using Business Process Management"
Jeff Bender, IT Risk Officer, Capital One

Nov. 9
Lean Forum
TWI Deep Dive
Roger Bilas, The Bilas Group

Nov. 1
Supply Chain Career Connection
Co-sponsored by Operations and Logistics Management Association & Office of Career Management

Sept. 21
IT Leadership Network Forum
"Key Lean Principles for Organizational Change"
Jon Stahl, Matt Barcomb, LeanDog

Aug. 17
Lean Forum
"A Factory of One"
Dan Markovitz, TimeBack Management

June 8  
IT Leadership Network Forum

  • Srini Koushik, Hewlett-Packard
  • Sanjiv Augustine, LitheSpeed

June 1
Supply Chain Forum
"Business in Brazil"

  • Sean Corson, Cast Nylons Ltd.
  • David Wilson, Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter
  • Atila Noronha, McDonald's Corp.

April 3
IT Leadership Network Forum
"Lean IT"
Mike Orzen, Orzen & Associates

Feb. 17
Supply Chain Forum
"OLMA Supply Chain World Cafe"
Co-hosted with Fisher's Operations and Logistics Management Association

Jan. 26
Supply Chain Forum
Featuring: Harry Moser, The Reshoring Initiative


Oct. 28
Supply Chain Forum
Ed Anderson, University of Texas

Sept. 14
Supply Chain Forum
Bob Cowee, retired executive, Abbott Nutrition

Aug. 4
Plant Tour
Fidelity Investments Transactional Operations Tour
Covington, Kentucky

June 30
Plant Tour
An Inside Look at GrafTech
Parma Headquarters and Lakewood Facility

April 29
Supply Chain Forum
"Implementing and Managing Supplier Diversity
Cathy Mock, Director, Supplier Diversity, Cardinal Health

April 22
Lean Forum
"Lean Thinking at Gorton's Seafood"
Presenter:  Dave Weber, VP Operations, Gorton's Seafood
Location:  Fisher College of Business

March 22
Sustainability Forum
Drew Locher, Managing Director, Change Management and Associates
Neil Drobny, Lecturer, Management and Human Resources, Fisher College of Business
"Lean and Green - Expanding our Eyes for Waste"

Feb. 25
Knowledge Management Forum 
Dan Ranta, Director, Knowledge Sharing, Conoco Phillips
“Knowledge Sharing: Strategy and Approach”


Oct. 29
Supply Chain Forum
"Lean Logistics"
Presenter:  Kevin von Grabe, Vice President, Lean Deployment, LeanCor

Oct. 8
Lean Forum
"Lean Financial Management"
Presenter:  David Hoyte, Executive Vice President, Castle Harlan; Distinguished Fellow, Center for Operational Excellence
Location:  Fisher College of Business

Aug. 27
Supply Chain Forum
J. R. Roemke, Director Quality with Emerson Climate Technologies
"Pulling the Right Levers to Attack Complexity" geared towards Supply and Parts Management

June 24
Sustainability Forum

  • Don Adams, Senior Director, Global Sustainability & Technology, Keystone Foods
  • Bob Wilt, Process Safety Manager, Keystone Foods
  • Joseph Fiksel, PhD, Executive Director of Center for Resilience, Ohio State University
  • Holly Duckworth, Director of Six Sigma, Kaiser Aluminum

Panel Discussion with:

  • Steve Grossman, President, Environmental Recycling (paper)
  • Steve Shew, President, Waste Alternatives (plastics/metals)
  • Dan Weisenbach, President, Weisenbach Recycled Products (glass)
  • Facilitated by Neil Drobny, Lecturer, Fisher College of Business; Executive Director, Association of Ohio Recyclers

June 17
The Richard J. Niedermeier Breakfast

"Hoshin Kanri"
Tom Jackson, JD, MBA, PhD, Author & Educator, Principal, Rona Consulting Group

June 3
HR Round Table
Jenny Heckscher, Director, Career Management and Corporate Relations, Fisher College of Business
Dave Ames, Senior Director, Recruiting Services, Exel Supply Chain

May 21
Technology Forum
"How to Win Friends and Influence People REMOTELY"
Eva Bradshaw, Director, Educational Technologies, Information Technology Services
Fisher College of Business
Robert Meyer, IT Director and Andy Marsland - Ohio Willow Wood

April 30
Lean Roundtable
Facilitated by Peg Pennington, COE Executive Director
"Implementing Lean"
Fisher College of Business

March 19
Supply Chain Forum
"Managing Your Supply Chain as an Asset"
Tom Fink, Staff Engineer & Advisor, Honda Lean Network, (retired)

March 12
TRIZ Forum
"TRIZ - The Innovation Cycle and the Mystery Letter Z"
Holly Stein, Cardinal Health 

Feb. 26
Lean Forum
Paul Cary, Lean Manufacturing Director for North American Tire, Goodyear

"MRP Transition to Lean"

Jan. 22
Supply Chain Forum
"Approaches to Major Sourcing Decisions"
John V. Gray, Assistant Professor of Operations with Fisher College of Business


Oct. 9
Supply Chain Forum
"Assessing Supply Chain Health and Managing Distressed Suppliers"
Mark Ehrlich, Manager, Procurement Planning, North American Cost Planning (NACP)

Aug. 14
Human Resources Symposium
Symposium Speakers:

  • Larry Inks, Professor Management & Human Resources, Fisher College of Business
    "Succession Planning Strategies"
  • Jamie Mathews-Mead, Senior Director of Graduate Career Management
    "Recruiting Strategies During Tough Times"
  • Bill O'Connor, Supply Chain Vice President (Retired)
    "TPS as it Relates to Human Resources"
  • Ted Stiles, Director, Lean Executive Search, Stiles Associates
    "Hiring Lean leaders"
  • Mike Vella, Independent Business Improvement Adviser
    "Emotional Intelligence and Leadership"

July 17
Supply Chain Forum
Benjamin Ritchie, Vice President, Battelle
"Columbus Regional Logistics Council Strategic Planning and Initiatives"

June 26
Technology Forum
Jerry Thomas, PhD - Leader, Innovation & Change, Leadership Center
"Technologies That Affect Your Business: Trends You Need to Know"

May 1
Human Resources Roundtable
Robert Meier, MSN, RN; Director of Behavioral Health, OSU Managed Health Care Services
" Maintaining Workplace Excellence During Tough Economic Times "

April 24
Kasra Fedows, Heisley Family Chair Professor of Global Manufacturing, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University"Managing Global Production Networks"

April 3
Maintenance Excellence and Reliability Forum

Brian Dorney - Senior Business Consultant and Niklas Brodd - Director, Solution Development, ABB
ABB Reliability Services 

March 13
Roy J. Lewicki, Irving Abramowitz Memorial Professorship and Professor of Management & Human Resources
"Negotiating in Challenging Times"

Jan. 6
Sourcing and Procurement Forum
Gerry Cooper, President, Asia Tech Source Co., Ltd.
Judy Huand, President and Founder, 889 Global Solutions, Ltd.
"China Product Outsourcing - Two Perspectives"


Nov. 17
S&OP Forum
Tom Wallace, Writer and Educator specializing in Sales & Operations Planning
Round Table: " Strategies for Succeeding in Tough Economic Times - Sales & Operations Planning

Oct. 31
Human Resources Forum
Mike Vella, Lean Advisor
HR Succession Planning Forum

Oct. 3
Supply Chain Forum
John Paul MacDuffie
Collaboration in Supply Chains: With and Without Trust

Sept. 12
Regression Analysis

Smita Skirvanic, Moresteam

Aug. 14
Plant Tour
Autoliv and The Autoliv Production System

April 17
Lean Forum
"Lean Leadership - A Practical Overview of Leading a Lean Implementation"
Mark Ruby 

April 4
Sales and Operations Forum

Thomas F. Wallace
"Sales and Operations: What Is It & How To Make It Work"


Nov. 17
S&OP Forum
Tom Wallace, Writer and Educator specializing in Sales & Operations Planning
Roundtable: " Strategies for Succeeding in Tough Economic Times - Sales & Operations Planning "

Oct. 19
Lean Forum
"Mixed Model Value Streams"
Kevin Duggan, founder, Institute for Operational Excellence

April 20
Innovation Forum
Thomas Choi, Professor of Supply Chain Management at Arizona State University and John G. & Barbara A. Bebbling Professor in Business
"On The Dark Side of Strategic Sourcing"

May 17
Lean Forum
"Sustaining Success in Lean Conversions"
David Mann, Organizational Psychologist, Steelcase

April 20
Sourcing and Procurement Forum
Thomas Choi, Professor of Supply Chain Management at Arizona State University and John G. & Barbara A. Bebbling Professor in Business
"On The Dark Side of Strategic Sourcing"

April 5
Innovation Forum
Carlos Alvarenga, Vice President Global MFG Supply Chain Leader with Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Executive Fellow Robert H. Smith School of Business
"Supply Chain Management"

Jan. 26
Lean Forum
Discussion on the book "The Gold Mine"
Facilitated by COE co-director Peter Ward


Nov. 9
Lean Forum
"Effective Meeting Planning and Execution"
Jeff Wallace, Plant Manager and Jenny Chacey, Industrial Engineer, T. Marzetti Company

Oct. 25
Innovation Forum
Norm Chagnon, Director of the Third Frontier
"Expanding Product and Technology Innovation Through the Third Frontier"

Sept. 29
Innovation Forum
Glenda Turner, Supply Chain Integrator for Boeing
"Systems Thinking for Improving Organizational Effectiveness"

Sept. 22
Lean Forum
"Dramatic Change Initiated Through 5-S"
Timbertech, a subsidiary of Crane Performance Siding hosted this event under the leadership of Tom Gramlich, Vice President

June 2
Lean Forum
"Hoshin Kanri"
Tom Jackson, author Hoshin Kanri for the Lean Enterprise

May 25
Lean Forum
"Process Focus, Process Measures, and Lean Thinking"
David Mann, author Creating a Lean Culture

May 5
Innovation Forum
Clayton M Christensen, Professor of Business at Harvard Business School
"Managing Innovation in the 21st Century"

 March 3
Innovation Forum
Bob Hazen, Director of TQM and Organizational Effectiveness for Hi-Stat Manufacturing, division of Stoneridge, Inc.
"Life Skill Training"

Feb. 10
Lean Forum
"Kaizen Interactive"
Hosted by Diamond Innovations


 Dec. 12
Innovation Forum
Yann Guezennec, OSU Center for Automotive Research
"Fuel Cell Technology"

Dec. 9
Lean Forum
"Apply Lean Concepts in Complex Environments"
Lar Maaseidvaag, George Group

Oct. 14
Innovation Forum
Yossi Sheffi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Towards a Resilient Global Supply Chain"

July 8
Lean Forum
Geo Gounaris, Honda Manufacturing of America

June 24
Innovation Forum
Mike Wallace, Director of Technical Services, Ross Products
"Radio Frequency Identification Technology"


 Oct. 27
Lean Forum
TI Automotive
"Total Productive Maintenance"


Dec. 12
Lean Forum
Beau Keyte, Lean Consultant
"Lean Management in the Office"

Nov. 13
Lean Forum
David Hoyte, Managing Director of TMB Industries
"Managing Lean by the Numbers"