Tours and Workshops - Wednesday, April 8

You will have a chance to register for plant tours and workshops during the formal Leading Through Excellence registration process. All tours and workshops include lunch and, if applicable, transportation.

You are welcome to register for up to one morning workshop and one afternoon tour or, alternately, one all-day tour.

Interested in adding a tour or workshop to your registration or switching? Contact Matt at

All-Day Tour

Crown Equipment (New Bremen, Ohio) - SOLD OUT

Cost: $75

Crown Equipment has achieved significant manufacturing achievements as its culture has moved from a traditional management style to one of employee-led continuous improvement and Operational Excellence. Learn how a long-term business philosophy based on vertical integration allows employees to innovate while giving the company complete control over the design and manufacturing process — supporting an ongoing sustainability and lean manufacturing focus. At Crown, highly engaged employee teams work to minimize environmental and process waste and manage energy while maximizing the lifespan of the product we manufacture. Hear about recycling efforts, Continuous Improvement recognitions and a reward system that has achieved recognition by the Ohio EPA with a first-ever, gold-level award in its Encouraging Environmental Excellence (Ɛ3) program.   
Main Assembly Tour focus areas: Lean Management System, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen Events / Rapid Kaizen, Visual Management – Daily Accountability Gemba Boards, Operator and Leader Standard Work, 5S Manufacturing and Office 5S

Motor Plant Tour focus areas: Continuous Improvement Idea Recognition & Reward System, Environmental Sustainability, Employee Behavioral Safety Program

Morning Workshops (8 a.m. to noon)

The Menlo Way, with Rich Sheridan, CEO, Menlo Innovations

Cost: $145

Get a glimpse into Menlo Innovations' joyful and disciplined “agile” methodologies that are the foundation on which the company has built its business culture. This action-packed workshop includes hands-on activities touching every aspect of Menlo’s internal processes. Iterative and incremental development, estimation, planning game, and work authorization. You'll learn how Menlo’s iterative design processes uncover root problems and provide a framework for adapting project requirements as needed; the tactile methods Menlo uses to plan project tasks, ensuring transparency with project sponsors around project cost and timeline; the importance of estimation and actual in project planning; and what it means to remove fear from your company culture. The session will be co-hosted with James Goebel, Menlo Chief Architect/Partner.

Root-Cause Analysis, with Peg Pennington, Exec. Director, COE - SOLD OUT

Cost: $145

Pennington in her root-cause analysis workshop demonstrates a rational, logical method of cutting the heart of the problems in an organization by visually representing a crucial question in lean thinking: "What is the problem we are trying to solve?" By effectively working backwards through an event, these visual tools help illuminate the wide-ranging, marrow-deep gaps in a process instead of skimming the surface. Participants emerge with new insights on approaching a problem by asking questions first instead of springing to answer them. This is a valuable tool that can help make lasting improvements in your professional and everyday life, and in this workshop you'll have the chance to build cause maps in groups based on real-world events. This session sold out quickly at LTE 2014 and has been brought back to allow more registrants to attend.

The Root Beer Game - Extended Value Stream Simulation, with Fisher Prof. James Hill

Cost: $145

This simulation provides participants with a first-hand account of the inherent challenges in working outside your four walls into the extended value stream. To simulate the process, participants are plunged into a factory value chain, playing one of four roles along the way to the customer. In managing process and product flow during the simulation and seeking ways to make it leaner by reducing lead time and better aligning supply with demand, participants gain new insights on the importance of communication among value-stream partners. The Root Beer Game simulation is a great opportunity for teams and applies to service, manufacturing and supply chain-focused organizations.

Afternoon Tours (1 to 5 p.m.)

Cardinal Health National Logistics Center - Columbus, Ohio - SOLD OUT

Cost: $55

The NLC is a centralized facility designed to further improve efficiency within Cardinal Health's pharmaceutical distribution operations.  It is a single, national point of entry for inventory of certain manufacturers' product lines.  This inventory is held at the NLC and used to replenish the company's 26 regional distribution centers.

Focus areas: Visual management, shop floor culture, daily scheduling

The 315 Research and Technology Corridor - Columbus, Ohio - SOLD OUT

Cost: $55

Interested in what game-changing innovations are taking place just up the street from The Ohio State University? Join this three-part tour, which gives attendees an exclusive look at OSU’s Center for Automotive Research, the country’s top research center in sustainable and safe transportation; the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence, an incubator for new manufacturing technologies and process; and the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis, an operation on the vanguard of developing new solutions for cancer therapies.

Focus areas: Sustainability, production-level research, materials analysis, university-industry interface

Siemens Energy - Mt. Vernon, Ohio - SOLD OUT

Cost: $55

The Siemens Energy facilities in Mt. Vernon, OH showcase state-of-the-art equipment supporting the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Compression industries. The facility assembles and tests this low volume, custom engineered plant equipment that supports our customers on a global basis. Your tour will highlight the continuous improvement journey with a Health, Safety, and Environment focus from senior leadership to shop floor execution.
The Siemens Energy engineering team has undergone significant leadership and cultural transformation.  Engineering will highlight their journey of adopting Lean/Agile visual management methodologies to deliver work in an environment of competing business priorities ranging from new product introduction, customer project execution, cost reduction, and field support.  The team is undertaking the challenge of using standard work methodologies in an engineer to order business.
Focus areas: Job shop lean, visual management, culture

The Race to Zero Waste: Inside the Solid Waste Authoriy of Central Ohio - Columbus, Ohio

Cost: $55

Zero-landfill organizations are admirable goals for many industries, but what happens when you still have waste? Where does it go and how is it treated? What does “sustainability” mean to those in the waste-removal industry? Take a tour of the Franklin County Landfill  operated by SWACO, beginning with a look at the engineering, regulations and monitoring of a modern-day sanitary landfill. Visitors will also learn about diversion, beneficial use of closed landfill sites, the difficulty of siting a sanitary landfill and the future outlook for waste disposal in Franklin County. Immediately following the presentation at the Resource Center visitors will enter the landfill site to view the working face.
Focus areas: Sustainability, operations management


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