COE Partnerships

COE partners with outstanding organizations to increase value-added for members through research and other mutual interests.

Honda Lean Network

The Honda Lean Network is not a Honda organization run by Honda. It is a Supplier Network directed by a steering committee and its mission states that:

Through a diversified network of suppliers guide the development, implementation, and measurement of Lean manufacturing practices (for the supply base) by information sharing, best practices, and active participation.”

 The network provides leadership through the steering committee, is self-sustaining, offers benchmarking and networking as well as workshops, training and support, quarterly meetings, an annual conference and the Hi-Performance Award.

Industry Week

COE researchers analyzed application data from all past winners and finalists in Industry Week's America's Best Plant program and provided IW with a data base that serves as the core of their best plant benchmarking product. The relationship continues as IW editorial staff participate in COE programs and provide COE researchers with valuable data describing industrial trends. COE faculty provide IW with data analysis and writing and serve as outside judge in Best Plant and Best Company award programs.

Lean Education Academic Network

Lean Education Academic Network (LEAN) is a group of university educators dedicated to the task of implementing lean education in US higher academia, as well as continuous improvement of lean education in the classroom through sharing of knowledge and teaching materials, collaboration, and networking among colleagues. They seek to engage leaders from industry and academe in developing new approaches to teaching university students lean thinking. They believe that the test of success is the number of students exposed to lean thinking and the extent to which students are prepared to contribute to lean implementations across all enterprise functions.

Lean Enterprise Institute

Whether you are implementing lean manufacturing in its traditional production environment, or applying lean principles in a service industry or to activities off the shop floor, the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) has free content to support you in your community area. Content includes success stories, videos, presentations, e-letters from LEI founder and president, Jim Womack and much more.

Moresteam, a leader in online Lean Six Sigma training and deployment support resources, assists individuals and organizations of all sizes to advance their performance through powerful, scalable and affordable process improvement tools and e-Learning.

Productivity Inc.

COE and Productivity Inc. have created a unique partnership to co-brand programs that teach managers how to use lean management tools using Fisher College's state of the art teaching facility. These programs include both lean tools awareness and Lean Manager. Graduates earn Fisher College of Business Continuing Education credits and certification in the case of the Lean Manager program.

Productivity Press

Productivity Press is the premier source of authoritative information on organizational improvement, offering the broadest selection of books and learning tools about lean methodologies, based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). Whether you are responsible for production, office and administrative operations or providing services, our publications offer proven, practical strategies for increasing efficiency and capacity while eliminating waste. They are the leading source of materials for educating and training a lean workforce.

Supply Chain Management Research Group

The Supply Chain Management Research Group at the Manchester Business School is a leading international center of excellence for the study and application of supply chain management theory and techniques. They focus on developing and disseminating supply chain management knowledge that is relevant to students, academics and supply chain professionals through the conduct of scholarly research, with a mixture of theory development and application-based tools.

Timeback Management

TimeBack Management is a corporate efficiency-training firm specializing in the application of Lean manufacturing principles to business processes. The company’s WorkLean program helps knowledge workers reduce the hidden waste in the way they manage information and improves the flow of value to the customer. As such, the WorkLean program supports companies in their Lean journey.

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