About the Center for Operational Excellence

Our mission

COE’s mission is to work alongside our member companies to foster a problem-solving culture grounded in tried and tested operational excellence tools. We’re committed to providing the thought leadership to drive the far-reaching changes in behavior necessary to sustain long-lasting excellence. Over two decades and across all industries, COE has developed the capacity to stage large-scale seminars and forums that foster best-practice sharing, and the agility to work intimately with our members. COE has proven experience in helping members improve speed to market, reduce lead time, eliminate process waste, develop leaders and gain competitive edge.

COE is not a one-off, consultant/client relationship. Membership is a customized collaboration designed to examine and solve challenges unique to each company through personalized access to thought leaders in the Fisher College of Business and cross-industry peers. We focus on all contributors to operational success, from the C-suite to the front lines.

As a member, your company receives:

  • Access to three full-day seminars a year that feature industry leaders and networking opportunities.
  • Discounted admission to annual, three-day Leading Through Excellence summit
  • Access to topical forums throughout the year that offer best practice-sharing opportunities on areas including sustainability, information technology, supply chain management and R&D.
  • Cross-industry connections through benchmarking with other members.
  • Opportunities to meet candidates for internships and full-time positions at events and through COE’s relationship with the Fisher Office of Career Management.
  •  Project engagements with undergraduate and graduate student teams, working to solve real challenges at your organization.
  • Curriculum connection: COE member partnerships feed back into the top-ranked Management Sciences educational experience at Fisher, giving students greater insight into what managers think and do.

For information on corporate membership, contact Robin at rasor-thompson.1@osu.edu.