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Coming Soon: COE Forum with author Karen Martin - Aug. 15

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Renowned speaker and author Karen Martin comes to Fisher to share insights from her latest book, Value Stream Mapping. Martin, an expert in developing "the outstanding organization," makes a case for why value-stream mapping isn't just a front-line tool; rather, it's a catalyst for changing leadership behavior to support and sustain a lean culture. 

Decision making takes center stage at COE's 2nd-annual summit

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We live and work in a world of decisions, from the small ones that spark almost imperceptible changes in our daily lives, to the massive ones that can lead to breakthroughs – or catastrophes.

But if practice makes perfect, why can even the most experienced leaders make bad decisions – and what can we do to change it?

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In Pictures: COE's Leading Through Excellence summit, April 9-11

The Center for Operational Excellence's Leading Through Excellence summit, April 9-11, brought together more than 250 process improvement leaders, Fisher College of Business faculty members, and industry experts for a three-day deep dive into problem solving and leadership development.