Celebrating Female Leaders in 2021

Here at Lead Read Today, we’re eager to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women's Day — through the lens of leadership research, of course. That’s our specialty.

After all, what do studies say about women and leadership? Certainly, evidence-based discussions are critical when having a robust discussion about female influence in our society and their roles as leaders.

We urge you to scroll through the following list of articles and find some that connect with you personally. Perhaps they can help you answer a curiosity you’ve always had. Maybe you find something you then feel compelled to share with a friend.

You’ll see we’ve divided up the articles into two different sections. Hopefully this can help you more quickly narrow the selections on which ones you may be particularly interested in reading and sharing.

Here we go….

Female leaders’ positive impacts on the world and the workplace

Why Women Are Better Leaders

Female Leaders and Innovation

Women’s Leadership During the COVID-19 Crisis

A Change Agent in the Male-Dominated Sport of Wrestling: Part 1

A Change Agent in the Male-Dominated Sport of Wrestling: Part 2

Wikipedia, Women and Leadership


Difficulties female leaders are faced with in the workplace

Break Through and Pass the Gate: Why is There Gender Disparity in Leadership?

Modern Sexism and Presidential Elections

Think Manager, Think Male

Black Female Leaders and the Glass Cliff

Gendered Emotions: Raging Men and Weeping Women

The Queen Bee

Think Crisis, Think Female, and the Glass Cliff

A Note About Female Role Models in Music

Female Career Success: Past, Present, and Future


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Here at Lead Read Today, we endeavor to take an objective (rational, scientific) approach to analyzing leaders and leadership. All opinion pieces will be reviewed for appropriateness, and the opinions shared are solely of the author and not representative of The Ohio State University or any of its affiliates.