Master of Business Operational Excellence

The Master of Business Operational Excellence (MBOE) for Industry-Wide and Master of Business Operational Excellence for Health Care are innovative degree programs preparing high-potential managers for leadership in the emerging, rapid and continuous improvement environment found in leading service, healthcare, and manufacturing organizations.

Built on faculty strength in operations management and the reputation developed through 22 years of growth in Fisher’s Center for Operational Excellence, this program is designed for top students employed by leading organizations around the world. To achieve operational excellence, managers need to think differently, using the tools of value stream management, employee engagement, waste reduction, capability building, and innovation.

Learn which MBOE program is right for you by selecting the videos and information below:  

MBOE for Industry-WideMBOE for Health Care

MBOE Video

Operational excellence - the ability to manage value creation processes without waste and better than the competition - is the common theme of the best performing organizations in the world.

The MBOE for Industry-Wide program is designed to create lean thought leaders with a bias for action. Graduates will help lead their organizations to achieve the high level of operational excellence that a successful future requires.

MBOE Healthcare Video

Health care organizations are transforming themselves through operational excellence. There is a great shortage of health care leaders adequately schooled in the tools and the thinking of operational excellence.

The MBOE for Health Care focuses on three health care value streams: clinical, business, and patient and family service, while improving process flow to improve patient safety and satisfaction.