Our Six Must-Read Leadership Articles of 2021

2021 was truly a year of peaks and valleys as we continue to collectively navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. From the unprecedented development/distribution of new vaccines and the return to office spaces, to the global supply chain disruptions and emergence of variant virus strains, this past year was an acknowledgement that we may never return to the “normal” we once knew. In 2022, leaders will play a critical role in shaping our “new normal” and driving our teams and organizations forward.

Below, I’ve highlighted six important leadership articles we published on Lead Read Today in 2021. If you missed these articles, I highly recommend reading them and sharing them with a colleague as we enter the new year.

New Normal vs Old Normal

Now that we are a full year into this pandemic, working from home or attending school from home has become the new normal for many of us.  The good news is we are starting to see a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel now. Have you noticed that people are still saying, “when we get back to normal,” followed by whatever activity they are missing?

When we pause for a moment to really think about that statement, we quickly realize that the old normal is just that.

The old normal.

Building a Culture of Trust

Trust is at the foundation of healthy relationships. At its core, trust is the willingness of one party to be vulnerable to the actions of another. It is an expectation that two parties will act in a way that is mutually beneficial. For these reasons, trust is a key element of effective communication, teamwork, employee commitment and productivity. It leads to stronger working relationships and a healthier organizational culture.

Resetting Your Company Culture for a Post-COVID World

As many workplaces now begin plans to bring people back to the office after COVID, it’s a great time to consider how the organization’s culture has changed and ─ even more importantly ─ how to create the culture the company wants to have.

How Leaders Need to Change for Success in a Post-COVID World

After nearly 18 months of weathering the COVID-19 pandemic, the evidence of potentially dramatic shifts in the workforce is everywhere. Leaders need to also change how the interact with their employees in order to improve those interactions.

To do that effectively, it’s important to fully understand some things.

Overcoming Pandemic Compassion Fatigue

The isolation, uncertainty and anxiety related to COVID have all impacted almost half of Americans’ mental health[1] and led to organizational obstacles like leader and employee burnout[2]. However, even as the numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths dwindle in the United States, there is still progress to be made on bettering individuals’ mental well-being as we enter the recovery phase of this public health crisis.

Self-Managed Teams in a Work-From-Home Future

Well over a year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, all indications are that remote work arrangements for many organizations are here to stay. Many leaders are still stressed as they try to adapt to the reality of leading team members who may no longer be in the office on a regular basis.

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