Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare: A Leadership Study

Medical professionals are always seeking ways to dial up the quality and safety of healthcare delivery. And a new study has looked at ways to accomplish exactly that.

An ongoing study from The Ohio State University is looking at the effect of intense leadership training in evidence-based practice on senior nurse and others leaders working in oncology to look at its impact.

In simple terms, evidence-based practice (EBP) is the idea that occupational (like nursing) practices should be based on scientific evidence. The goal is to wipe out any unsound, outdated or ineffective methods, rather than adhere to tradition, opinions and unsystematic experience.

In the study, nurse and other senior leaders were given this training in EBP and compared to peers not yet trained. Researchers have recorded how knowledge, beliefs and competency changed over time. Not only that, outcomes for patients are also being measured.

Significant improvements were discovered just one week after these nurse leaders received their training. The positive effects were specifically found in EBP knowledge, competency, beliefs, EBP self-efficacy and implementation.

What about the patients? Are they any better off with leaders increasing their use of EBP? That answer is still being looked at; researchers will analyze further data on patients’ satisfaction and care quality as the study continues with the peers receiving training in 2021.

As EBP continues to grow in the healthcare field, it will likely replace tradition and practices that are not supported with evidence as a way to better serve patients.

Stay tuned for further details.





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