Zinn, MBLE students tackle DSW storage dilemma

Published: 2008-05-30

Some students erroneously believe they must wait for summer internships to apply classroom studies to real world experiences. However, there are several Fisher courses, such as the Field Problems in Logistics, which provide classroom lessons and professional practicum simultaneously.

Offered as an elective for the MBA and the Master in Business Logistics Engineering (MBLE) programs, Field Problems in Logistics is an advanced project course where teams of students work together to solve a logistics-related problem at a company.

Several large companies, both locally and from across the country, enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to have Fisher students address internal business problems. Footwear retailer, DSW, Inc., has provided projects for the logistics class for the last two years. This year, managers at Columbus-based DSW were thrilled to have Fisher logistics students tackle a storage and capacity issue at its main distribution center near the airport.

"It's free labor," quipped Jon Szekely, engineering manager for DSW. With a serious tone, he added, the company is committed to supporting the education community and derives substantial benefits from its relationship with Fisher and its students. "We have multiple heads attacking a sore business spot for us, where unfortunately, we don't have someone that we can dedicate to this project full-time."