E-mail tips while traveling abroad

Published: 2010-02-02

With the help of a few tips listed below, sending an e-mail from outside of the country can be just as easy as sitting in front of your office computer.

Mailbox maintenance
It can be difficult or tedious to manage your mailbox while traveling, and so we encourage Fisher e-mail users to perform some general mailbox housekeeping prior to hitting the road. A few minutes in the office reviewing your mailbox can prevent a headache while you are out of the office stateside or overseas where communication can be challenging at times.

Use Fisher Webmail
When traveling abroad it is best to use Fisher Webmail instead of the e-mail software installed on your laptop. Messages sent from e-mail clients are often susceptible to the network they are logged onto. Hotels and business in foreign countries are often the source of spam traffic, which means your messages could also windup being filtered as spam.

Using Fisher Webmail to send and receive e-mail messages while traveling abroad is the best solution. The Webmail application resides within the college’s network, and as a result is less likely to encounter e-mail spam problems.

Use caution when logging onto a public computer
Remember to always be extra careful when logging into Webmail on a public computer at hotels, Internet cafes and airports. To ensure your personal information remains private, it is best to never save your logon information, don't leave the computer unattended, refrain from entering sensitive information such as credit card numbers and other financial information, and always remember to logout of Webmail or other accounts that you logged into.

Please feel free to contact the Fisher ITS Helpdesk in advance of your trip to address any questions or concerns you may have.