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ITS Announcement: Email Archive Policy
May 15, 2014
ITS Announcement: Beware of Phishing attempts
May 6, 2014
Internet Explorer Vulnerability Patch Announcement
May 5, 2014



Fisher Email Migration Complete
April 25, 2014
April 11, 2014
HeartBleed Bug Security Issue
April 11, 2014
Fisher Email Migration for Faculty and Staff
April 1, 2014
Fisher E-mail Migration for Graduate Students
April 1, 2014
Fisher Exam Scanning Relocation
January 15, 2014
Fisher Classroom Computer Vulnerability
January 15, 2014
Fisher User Account Change
August 16, 2013
Carmen 10 Update and Guides
May 7, 2013

Carmen has officially been updated. To help with the changes, Fisher ITS has created numerous help guides for the new version of Carmen

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