Moving from Spin to Stillness

We are reaching the two-year mark of living through a global pandemic. How this pandemic will come to an end is not yet clear. Disruptions to our former way of life and deep grief are leaving us wounded and less stable. Leaders experience added pressure to help others navigate difficulty while simultaneously navigating and pep talking themselves. There is benefit in finding stillness – sitting with your pulse and feeling deeply into what it means to be living today. The spin asks us to contemplate the mistakes of the past and indulge in a future which is unknown. In stillness, we can find and cultivate an appreciation of the now. We can ask β€œand for this moment, what will be?”

In the now, we can find and make peace with today. How can we activate stillness when the world is encouraging us to spin?

Here are some suggestions:

Internet fast. On the weekends I have found great benefit from locking my phone in a cupboard for a set period of time. I recommend at least two hours, but 4-5 hours is even better. During this time, you can sit with yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. Drawing or writing are highly encouraged. Notice what comes to you – Are you missing or craving anything? What is beneath that craving? It is interesting to observe the dependence we have created with devices and to intentionally enjoy a period of separation. A healthy practice indeed.

Make something with your hands. Bake bread. Pot plants. Mix and prepare a salad with your hands rather than utensils. Try beading or knitting. Attempt something that takes focus; these can be considered meditation on their own. Breathe into the moment with these activities and feel your presence in your body as you enjoy them.

Sit with your breath. Hold you body upright, guiding your posture into alignment which supports optimal breathing. As you slow down, the best sitting position will become clear and your breath will naturally deepen. Let your head feel as though it is being gently pulled up by an imaginary string in the sky, supporting you. Let your shoulders release down and back into a relaxed pose. Use your exhalations to release deeply thoughts or emotions which interfere with accepting the pure goodness of yourself.

Stillness is a gift we can give ourselves daily, regardless of what external forces we are facing. From this place we can appreciate deeply the gift of life and contemplate the blessings which exist in the now. This helps us maintain health and gives us energy to support the people who are depending on us for direction.

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