Leadership tip of the week: Thank you

People are your greatest resource, so take the time thank them often.

Saying "thank you" is perhaps the simplest and most under-utilized leadership strategy leaders possess.

The people within an organization create the competitive advantage organizations need. This, in turn, makes people the greatest resource. A sincere “thank you” goes a long way to show your team their hard work and dedication are not taken for granted. Be specific and highlight the great things they are doing. It will reinforce their behavior and help make sure it is repeated. Never miss an opportunity to express your gratitude for your team’s hard work and effort.

We often forget how powerful those two words are. I once received a thank you letter from one of my teammates. It contained an expression of gratitude because I said “thank you” after a particularly hard mission in Afghanistan. I had forgotten the conversation, but that soldier never did. Three years after the fact, that soldier took the time to write me a handwritten note to express his gratitude for me taking the time to acknowledge what he had done.

Show your team how much you appreciate them; they may just show you how much they appreciate you.

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