Life in Columbus (Learn from 5 recent MAcc students)


Hi everyone, this is my first blog post after the winter break and for the spring semester. In the fall, I have three posts that respectively explain career resourcescurriculuminvolvement opportunities for the Fisher MAcc program. For this post, I want to focus more on two topics: campus life and exploring Columbus as a Fisher MAcc student.

Here are 5 fun things you can do as a graduate student. If you want to know where to eat and exercise, read this article to learn more about the 5 best places to eat around Fisher, or this one to learn about the food truck and RPAC.

Meanwhile, you can also eat at Mirror Lake Eatery and walk around Mirror Lake, (South) Oval on campus during spring with warmer, sunnier, and longer days with daylight.

If you're worried about the cold winter in Ohio, you can learn about winter as a student in Columbus here or ice skating and other winter activities here.