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Embarking on an MBA, I was acutely aware of the demanding nature of graduate studies. However, nothing could have fully prepared me for the intricate dance of balancing academic responsibilities with personal life—a challenge that has become a central theme of my first-year experience.   The Initial Overwhelm: Setting the Stage
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Applying for a graduate degree might feel overwhelming and confusing because future students will have to navigate the intricate process of applying to different schools, sell their brand successfully, and choose among promising schools that will shape their professional careers. Through an interview with Monica Jacobs, Sr. College and Regional Recruiting and Enrollment Specialist at Fisher, we gathered some insights on the application process that all future buckeyes want to read to make the best out of their applications.
Transitioning from one country to another as an international student is an adventure filled with learning, growth, and the inevitable challenge of adapting to a new culture. Having recently returned from London, UK, where I went to collect my MSc degree certificate, I've had time to reflect on my journey and the plethora of experiences that shaped my time abroad. Now as an MBA student here in the USA, I share insights and tips for fellow students embarking on a similar path from Europe to the USA.
As an MBA student, your journey is not just about acquiring knowledge—it's also about forging connections and building relationships that can have a profound impact on your future career. Whether it was in the 1960s or today, networking has always been a crucial talent in the business world, and business school is the ideal setting to develop it. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of networking and building relationships in business school.
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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) Conference in Chicago. During three days full of insightful sessions, a vast career fair, and relationship-building events, I and some of my Fisher peers connected with many MBA students and industry professionals representing the LGBTQ+ community.