5 Fun Things to Do as a Graduate Student During a Pandemic

As a student in the Fisher MAcc Program during COVID-19, it can be challenging to juggle school, work, and taking time to do fun things to avoid burnout. The pandemic has definitely limited the number of opportunities to do on campus and in Columbus. However, I have been trying to find fun things to do with my new friends! 

Here is my list of 5 fun things I recommend doing:

1. *Safely* enjoying local restaurants

I absolutely love going out to eat. I don’t have to cook, and I get a break from being in my apartment! There are less options since eating outdoors in the 20-degree weather is not super desirable and the tables have to be safely distanced. However, I have found that a lot of restaurants around campus, in the Short North, and in Grandview have done a nice job of allowing guests to enjoy a safe meal. It is so important to find time to relax and recharge, and I have realized that going out to eat helps me with that. A few of my top choices are Cazuela’s, High Bank Distillery, and Arch City Tavern.

2. Watching OSU sports with friends

I wish I could be at the Schottenstein Center watching our top-25 ranked men’s or women’s basketball teams play. Even though I can’t be there in person, watching on TV at home with snacks and friends is always fun. Watching a game can be a nice 2-hour break on a Tuesday night and it creates time to hang out with friends!

3. Exploring local areas

Columbus and the surrounding neighbors have so much to offer. I recently went to German Village with my two roommates to explore the Book Loft and enjoy Stauf’s Coffee. The Book Loft is such a cool little place and I highly recommend checking it out! Stauf’s Coffee is right next door and has a heated outdoor patio. I do not like coffee, but their hot chocolate is top-notch! Other areas to check out include Grandview, the Short North, and Easton.

4. Playing sports & working out with friends

Ohio State has a few parks super close that are perfect for exercising or just hanging out with friends! Tuttle park, which is just north of campus, has basketball courts, tennis courts, and a futsal court. There is a lot of green space too for any sport you are interested in! In addition, the gyms on campus have started allowing more activities. I recently went to the RPAC and played basketball with a few friends. They are still requiring masks and social distancing, but it was great to get back on the court!

5. Attending Zoom socials

It has been hard to get to know my classmates since many of our classes are virtual. However, we have Zoom socials to hang out and get to know each other which are super fun! We have watched a movie, played virtual games, and talked about once a month. It is a great way to connect and make new friends!

I hope to continue to find fun things to do this semester as it starts to get warmer outside. It is important to focus on school, but also give yourself a break and find fun things to do. I hope this list helps you find ways to take a break and recharge!