Spring Walks on Campus

As the Ohio weather starts warming up in March, I encourage all students to take a break and enjoy the Spring. Although the weather in Ohio is unpredictable, we have had some beautiful days on campus this Spring.

During the middle of March, Ohio does start to surprise us with warmer, sunnier, and longer days with daylight. I have taken quite a few walks outside to take a break and enjoy the weather throughout the past few weeks.

My favorite places to walk through on-campus are the Oval, South Oval, Mirror Lake, and near the Shoe and soccer fields. Walking through campus has slowly become my favorite part of the day. Taking a much-needed break in the late afternoon recharges me to continue working on homework and attending classes.

Mirror Lake in FebruaryView of the Shoe and Soccer Fields Mirror Lake in March

You can always find students outside on the Oval lawn enjoying the sun and maintaining social distancing rules. Students enjoy reading, hammocking, running, exercising, walking their dog, chatting with friends, and throwing a frisbee.

Ohio State is filled with unique and beautiful spots on campus to enjoy the Ohio spring! I would highly recommend students take a break and enjoy the weather!