Best Places to Eat Around Fisher

During the Master of Accounting program, you spend most of your time in Gerlach Hall. Most days you might only have a small break between class, work, and group projects to grab food so I am going to walk you through some of my favorite places to grab food on and near campus.  

KSA Cafe

KSA is an on-campus coffee shop in the Knowlton School of Architecture. It’s my favorite place to stop by and grab a coffee between classes or a bagel sandwich for breakfast in the morning. KSA also has a lot of tables so it is a great place to study and also meet with people one on one for coffee chats. 


Panera is a classic place to stop by for breakfast and lunch. It’s just right across Lane Avenue from Gerlach Hall so it’s really easy to run between activities. Many of my classmates take advantage of their unlimited monthly coffee subscription. And it is also a great place to have lunch meetings since it generally had food options for everyone. 

Rohr Cafe

Rohr Cafe is a coffee shop that sells Starbucks coffee in Mason Hall, a building in the Fisher complex. It’s a convenient place to get your Starbucks fix if that’s your prefered coffee. And they also have really great deals, like half priced iced coffee every Friday. 

Curl Market 

Curl Market is an on-campus dining location that offers a lot of grab-and-go lunch options. It has pasta, sushi, sandwiches, and burritos. It’s very convenient to walk down Woodruff and grab food, you can also pre-order the food on GrubHub so it’s ready for pickup when you get there. 

Tommy’s Pizza 

If you are looking for a more classic, local American food option, I would recommend Tommy’s Pizza. It is just east down Lane from Gerlach Hall and has a lot of pizza, sandwiches, pasta, salads, and appetizer options. 

Columbus has a ton of great food options so if you have the time I recommend venturing farther off campus to check out some more unique local fare but I hope this guide helps you when you just have a quick minute to grab food.