Life Balance at Fisher

Columbus and Ohio State provide a great student environment through numerous opportunities for student extracurriculars.  For the foodies, Columbus has many great neighborhoods with plenty of fun and diverse restaurants to try.  Additionally, Columbus food trucks provide additional quick ways to try local food.  It's also super easy to find where your favorite food trucks will be any day through online websites! (See  If breaking a sweat helps you destress and feel like yourself, you are also covered at Ohio State.  All full-time students have a membership to the RPAC where you will find plenty of room for your own exercise or classes to guide you.  Classes include anything from yoga to HIIT workouts.

Columbus also provides spaces for outdoor exercise, and many are conveniently located near campus. The Olentangy River trail runs through campus and gives students a safe space to use for runs, walks, rollerblading, or however you like. Personally, I enjoy a bike ride along the trail and even use it to commute to and from campus most days. For any other cyclists out there, Ohio State provides a space attached to the RPAC where students can have their bikes tuned up or repaired right on campus!  Through all these avenues, students at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business can maintain a healthy balance in their lives by taking advantage of the opportunities to destress from schoolwork.