Offices & Departments Directory

Fisher College departments, offices, and research centers are listed here. Click the name of a unit below for more information, or click Directory next to a unit's name for a listing of faculty and staff.

Academic Departments

Accounting & MIS 614-292-9368 Directory
Finance 614-292-5026 Directory
Management Sciences 614-292-1275 Directory
Management & Human Resources 614-292-5028 Directory
Marketing & Logistics 614-292-8808 Directory

Administrative Offices

Alumni Relations 614-292-2181  
The Blackwell Hotel and Conference Center 614-247-4000  
Business Library Resources 614-688-8778  
Office of Career Management 614-292-6024 Directory
Office of the Dean 614-292-2666 Directory
Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services 614-292-1017 Directory
Executive Education Programs 614-292-9300 Directory
Office of External Relations 614-292-2181 Directory
Fisher Shared Services Center 614-292-0907 Directory
Office of Global Business 614-292-0845 Directory
Graduate Programs 614-292-8511 Directory
Information Technology Services 614-292-8976 Directory
Leadership Development Office 614-292-9115 Directory
Office of Marketing and Communications   Directory
Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office 614-292-2715 Directory

Research and Business Partnership Centers

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 614-688-4381 Directory
Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) 614-292-0845 Directory
Center for Lean Healthcare Research   Directory
Center for Operational Excellence (COE) 614-292-3199 Directory
Charles A. Dice Center for Financial Economics 614-292-8449 Directory
Global Supply Chain Forum 614-292-0331 Directory
National Center for the Middle Market 614-292-7770 Directory
Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights 614-247-6047 Directory
Ohio State Center for Real Estate 614-292-7312 Directory
Risk Institute 614-688-8289 Directory
Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC) Institute 614-292-4085 Directory


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