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Our ability to change with intention requires well-informed awareness. This applies to change ranging from personal to organizational to societal. Intentionality requires us to pause, scan and be aware of the ecosystem surrounding us as individuals and collectives. The PESTLE Analysis tool is one of my favorites to leverage for a well-rounded pause and resulting analysis. It helps elevate the daily boots-on-the-ground experience to a more macro-level view of our current and emerging circumstances.
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Change is hard…super hard. We often don’t talk about how likely it is that our change initiative will fail because we don’t want to jinx it. However, studies have put organizational change failure rates at over fifty percent. Just think about that…we’re more likely to fail than succeed. We have to break this failure cycle!
During her December 2022 presentation, “Achieving Equity through Systemic Change,” Nadine Redd Blackburn, EVP for Culture, Equity & Inclusion - Behavior and Systemic Change at United Minds (part of The Weber Shandwick Collective), revealed why Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) strategies often fail to deliver on their larger promise and shared a framework for embedding equitable practices. Here, Nadine addresses one of the follow-up questions: How to develop justice in the workplace.
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