New Friends and New Challenges

Time is flying here in the Fisher MAcc program. I feel like every day is a new whirlwind of useful information from all my 7 week classes, which are now (unbelievably) halfway over. The professors are all extremely knowledgeable in their fields, which makes the fast pace of classes feel so much more manageable. Midterm exams and projects have been keeping all the MAcc students studying diligently, but we still know how to relax and enjoy time with our new friends in the program.

Large group of students seated at a group of tables in a restaurant
Dinner before the Quinn XCII concert. What a turnout!

This picture is from a MAcc Council event (you can learn more about that in a future post from me!) where everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before seeing Quinn XCII perform on campus. Definitely a night to remember! Even though it’s only been a month, I’m making great friends that I truly enjoy spending time with.

The Fisher MAcc allows you to enjoy yourself while also working hard to learn and grow as a professional. I am happy to have chosen a school that has the total package.

Running Away from Texas for a Bit

Hi everyone!

My name is Tammy Nguyen and I’m very excited to serve as a Student Ambassador for the MAcc program. I will be writing posts throughout the year, along with my awesome current ambassadors (Celine, Mike, and Eric), about my experience at Fisher and OSU. I am originally from Vietnam, and came to Texas for my undergraduate. I graduated from Trinity University, a small liberal arts college in San Antonio, TX. As much as I value the small community and inclusiveness of my college, I want to venture out to a new environment where I can face new challenges and expand my horizon, as well as escaping the southern heat. That’s why I decided to apply to other schools and eventually chose Fisher. And I can admit that everything has been very positive so far!

My friend and fellow classmate, Kate, and me at the stadium when we got to tour it during our Welcome Reception
My friend and fellow classmate, Kate (right), and me at the stadium when we got to tour it during our Welcome Reception

Just two weeks in and I’m already enjoying my time in the program. The curriculum is very flexible in that we have only four required courses, two for each Autumn quarters, which means I can take four other electives in the Fall, and my entire Spring schedule would consist of only elective classes! Our class size this year is around 85, and I was so surprised to know that we came from approximately 55 different undergrads. That is so strange for me to acknowledge at first, but I definitely appreciate the diversity that the admissions team wants to bring into the program. I got to meet classmates who come from different backgrounds and learned about their experiences of how they all ended up here. I think sharing the same situation of moving to a different school for just 9 months is what connects us, as we know that we will not have much time together.

I really look forwards to more new experiences that I will have here at Fisher, OSU, and Columbus in general (especially all the games in The Shoe!). In about 10 months from now, I would be sent back to the hot and humid Houston to start my full time position, so I really try to maximize my time here and enjoy the weather as much as I can, though I may change my mind when the winter comes.

I hope you’ll find our future posts helpful to learn more about the MAcc program here at Fisher!

Meet the Blogger – Eric Luehmann

4 men smiling while sitting at a table
Checking out a welcome event for new graduate students with new MAcc friends

Hello party people my name is Eric Luehmann and I’m super excited to be a part of the team in the Graduate Programs Office at Fisher this year as a graduate assistant. This blog was an awesome resource as I was scouting out MAcc programs last year so I’m hoping I can be of use to prospective students this year. Even though I’ve only been at Fisher for a short time, I can already tell that there’s a ton of opportunity to grow and develop as a business professional here.

To give you a little bit of background on me, I was born and raised in La Crosse, WI. It’s a pretty small community and a great place to grow up. My undergraduate years were spent at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. I wanted an adventure for my four years and definitely got that in Music City. My bachelor’s degree is in Human and Organizational Development with a minor in Financial Economics, so I can speak to the possibility of pursuing a graduate degree in accounting coming from a bit of a different background.

View of an empty Ohio Stadium taken from a suite
View from a suite at The Shoe during a networking event – Go Bucks!

My first few weeks at OSU have been spent learning accounting principles in the Pre-MAcc Seminar (super useful for non-accounting students like me!), getting into the swing of classes, and getting to know all of my peers in the Fisher MAcc program. Keep your eyes on this blog as I explore Columbus, develop my accounting skills, and go through the on-campus recruiting process for public accounting firms. I hope seeing the life of a MAcc student through my experiences helps you make an informed choice about your graduate education.

Celine Who?

Who is Celine Chehade? Well in the easiest way of introduction, I am a current student in the Master of Accounting program here at The Ohio State University. I am originally from a place I like to refer to as “The Land” but many may better know it as Cleveland, Ohio. For the past three years, I have been working to complete my undergrad degree at OSU in Accounting and Operations Management. It’s crazy to think that this is my fourth and final year of college, but that just means I will be determined to make this year the best year yet!

Author Celine making an O with her hands in the Ohio Stadium
Me in the Ohio Stadium

This year at Fisher I will be serving as the BSBA/MAcc Graduate Ambassador. Being a combined (BSBA/MAcc) student means that I am simultaneously finishing up my undergrad degree while completing my graduate degree. This program is providing me with the opportunity to double dip in all the undergrad and graduate fun at once!

Over this past summer, I was able to take my accounting knowledge and apply it to my work at EY Cleveland. This audit internship was the perfect opportunity to give me a sneak preview of the audit world. At the end of the 8-week internship, EY flew us out to Orlando Florida for an intern conference trip of a lifetime.

Author Celine standing in front of block EY letters in Orlando Florida
Me at the EY intern conference in Orlando

Aside from education, Ohio State has provided me with incredible memories and opportunities. In the fall I always look forward to going to football games to cheer on the bucks with 100,000 other friends. I also love being a part of the student organization MUNDO! I am so excited for you all to tag along with me on my blog journey this year 🙂

The New Guy

My name is Mike Powers and I’m a graduate assistant for the MAcc program here at Ohio State University. I come from a small Division III school in Illinois, Augustana College, where I double-majored in accounting and business management and was captain of the varsity baseball team. Safe to say, it has been a culture shock to leave my 2,500-student undergraduate institution to attend a university with upwards of 66,000 in enrollment. In one word, everything here is just bigger. From the football stadium to the classroom, I’ve found myself in awe of the plethora of resources such a large institution can provide for its students. Anytime I’ve needed help- whether it’s registering for classes, finding a good spot to eat, getting a workout in, you name it- Ohio State has multiple resources available to help.

As a new student here at Ohio State, I found that I struggled during the first week to find elective classes that were right for me. However, with assistance from both academic counselors and classmates that attended undergrad at Ohio State, I was able to find the classes that I am passionate about. In my first class, I even got to visit the Ohio Stadium! For a sports aficionado like me, this was a dream come true. This experience would not have been possible without the genuine people I’ve met during the first few days on campus that care about my success. As my first week here comes to a close, I reflect by being thankful for the fantastic resources that Ohio State University has provided me with, and look forward to what will surely be an exciting year to be a Buckeye.

My Year in Review

It is very bitter-sweet sitting here writing my last blog post. I am definitely in denial that my time here in the MAcc program is over and the real world is approaching fast. Here is a list of why the MAcc Program here at Ohio State has exceeded my expectations and been a great time:

At OSU beating Michigan
  1. Football Season – One of my favorite experiences here at Ohio State was all the football games. It was fun tailgating with all the MAcc Students and watch the Buckeyes become the Big 10 champions. The Michigan game in particular will be an experience I will never forget. Even if you are not a sports fan it is something you need to experience.
  2. All the social events – There is much more than just classes in the MAcc Program. Between intramural sports, tailgates, MAcc Council and Fisher Social Chair events there is always something going on. Some of my favorites times this year were at these events like Fisher Formals, my sand volleyball intramural team, and winning the student/professor kickball tournament. 

    Sand Volleyball Intramural Team
  3. The Friendships – I came into the MAcc Program not knowing anyone and can say I have made some new friends for life. The MAcc program is a tight-knit group always going out and doing things together. We have survived numerous group projects and celebrated many occasions together. The people I have met made this year one of my best experiences.
  4. Columbus – I had never been to Columbus before orientation and it has exceeded my expectations. There is always something to do whether on campus or throughout the many areas of the city. I loved exploring German Village or going to my first hockey game to cheer on the Blue Jackets. Columbus will always be a special place for me.

Overall my time here at the MAcc Program was amazing. The classes here make me feel prepared to go out and start work soon. I am going to miss my time here, but excited to start another new experience at my job. Go Bucks!

Why The Ohio State University was the Right Choice for Me

As my time in college is coming to an end, I can only reflect on how deciding to attend The Ohio State University was the best decision that I have ever made.  Ohio State offered me the perfect combination of academics, athletics, and a social atmosphere.  While at Ohio State, my professors challenged me day in and day out to get outside of my comfort zone.  This allowed me to become a more knowledgeable and confident individual.  I am positive that I would not be headed off to work for the most valuable company in the world (Microsoft) without the skills I learned in my Fisher classes.

Every weekend at Ohio State, there are dozens of things to do.  Concerts, clubs, sports games, bars, or just hanging out with friends to name a few.  Having the city of Columbus at your doorstep offers the same opportunities any major city can provide  you.

Where else but Ohio State can you walk down the sidewalk and bump into Top 5 NFL draft picks each year? Or go to speeches from presidential candidates? Or be able to earn both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in four years? The opportunities here are endless.

If you are reading this, you are probably on the fence about whether you should come to Ohio State and be a part of our MAcc Program.  Remember, you can make a big school smaller, but you can’t make a small school bigger!  Why be a big fish in a little pond, when you can be a big fish in a big pond?

Thanks for following along all year and feel free to reach out for any advice or questions! Go Bucks!

Memories from the MAcc Class

It’s hard to believe that I’m sitting down writing my very last blog post of the year. I remember wondering in August how I could possibly have material to write about consistently throughout the year. Little did I know that the MAcc program is about way more than just completing 31 credit hours! I decided to reach out to some of my fellow classmates to learn about their favorite memories from their time in the MAcc program!

“I would say my favorite part has just been getting to meet so many people from all different backgrounds. Most of us probably would have never crossed paths without this program.” – Tyler Stacks, MAcc ’19

“Attending the Washington Campus during the Spring break was one of my best MAcc experiences. Through the unique learning opportunity from professionals in the accounting industry, I was able to equip myself with a well-rounded education that could not easily earn inside of the classroom as well as a strong rapport with my peers.” -Oscar Han, MAcc ’19

“My favorite memory of this year was probably the kickball tournament. We assembled a team of all our close friends and had so much fun! We ended up winning the tournament for a free lunch!” –Stephanie Saccogna, MAcc ‘19

“I had a lot of fun at Washington campus! I learned a lot of interesting views from the guest speakers and it broadened my perspective about the accounting profession. It gave me a chance to re-think my career plan for the future. Also, visiting the Capitol and alumni networking event was fun too!” -Min Kwon, MAcc ‘19

“The corn-hole event in fall was a great way to get to know my peers outside the classroom!” -Kelsey Kirkpatrick, MAcc Council President

Finally, I’ll end with mine:

My favorite memory from my time in the MAcc program has been my position as a GA in admissions. I have had the opportunity to coordinate and host prospective student visit days, where I have gotten to know students from all walks of life. It has helped me to better understand the various paths that students take that lead them to pursue a MAcc degree. The position has also helped me discover that my interests and strengths align closely with those necessary in recruiting, so I will be sure to get involved with campus recruiting when I start my career with Deloitte.

Some of the Graduate Programs Office GAs at Formal!

The End is Near

It is crazy to think my time here in the MAcc program is coming to an end. Over these past couple weeks, the MAcc Council and the Fisher Social Chair has put on some great events to help us through these last few weeks of class.

MAcc students at the food bank

In the beginning of April, the MAcc class has the option to attend MAcc Give Back, which is a volunteering event. The MAcc class was dividing into two groups with half going to the Franklin Park Conservatory and the other going to the Mid-Ohio Food Pantry. I was part of the group that went over to the food bank and it was a great experience getting to help out others. This is something the MAcc program participates in every year and something I believe is very important.

The Fisher Graduate Programs also put together a Graduate Appreciation Week with fun events, free food, and many prizes to help us grind through the rest of the semester. One of the events a kickball tournament with our professors. We all got teams together and invited a professor to play with us. Our MAcc team came out on top winning the tournament and winning a free lunch. Fisher puts on a lot of events for us to keep us engaged outside the classroom as well.

Also, last weekend the Fisher Social Chair put on a formal for all Fisher Graduate Students. It was held in downtown Columbus and there was food, drinks, and dancing. It was a lot of fun to be out with all the different programs and get all dressed up. We are all appreciative of the extra mile a lot of our social chairs and program coordinators go to for us. They make sure our time here is a lot more than just earning a degree.

April Activities: An Update!

I recently shared a post about all of the activities this April that Fisher had to offer for the graduate students and promised that I would return with an update, so here we are! 

MAcc Gives Back

A week ago, MAcc students and faculty split off into two groups to volunteer at the Franklin Park Conservatory and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. I went with the Franklin Park Conservatory group and had a great time bonding with my fellow MAcc classmates! We were assigned to clean up the children’s garden and get it ready for Spring. After spending a few hours working among the staff, we had an opportunity to walk through the conservatory and see all of the beautiful plant habitats. We also had time to go into the butterfly conservatory! After volunteering all morning, the groups from both locations came back to Gerlach Hall for lunch together. It was a great way to spend a Friday morning! I wish that we had more organized volunteering throughout the year because it was a great way to spend time together outside the classroom!

Fisher Formal

Elise (MHRM GA); Me, Julie & Matt (MAcc GAs) at Fisher Formal

Last Friday was Fisher Formal, and it did not disappoint! Fisher Formal is put on every spring by the MBA social committee and is offered to all Fisher graduate students. Included in our ticket price was a buffet of heavy hor devours, drinks, a photo booth, and a DJ all night! I went with a group of MAcc and MHRM students and had an absolute blast. The DJ played really good music and it was really fun getting to hang out with the MHRM and MBA students that I work with every day the Graduate Programs Office. The event is definitely one of the highlights of the year for me!