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A couple of weeks ago was Fisher Graduate Student Appreciation Week. I wasn’t aware of this precious week before starting my Master’s program but it is honestly a golden opportunity for student to win free prizes and get fantastic discounts in many restaurants in town!
In addition to the NFL play-offs in January and the college basketball play-offs in March (aka March Madness), the January to April period is also known as tax season. Tax season is the period when individuals are required to file their taxes with the government to determine whether a refund should be issued by the government (to an individual) or if an individual tax payer needs to pay more tax to the government.
As our time as Fisher students wraps up, our priorities shift more and more toward the next phase of life: the professional career. Be it through an entrepreneurial venture or formal employment, we each have the responsibility to secure a stable future for ourselves and loved ones. This realization, though necessary, often brings stress and anxiety due to the uncertainties of the future.
Over the past couple of months, the blog posts I wrote have centered around class, class activities, and life in the SMF program from an academic point of view. As a result, for those who've been reading or following my posts, it may  seem as if I don't do anything much outside homework, projects, assignments and attend class- which is somewhat true but not entirely.
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Besides professional events (career fairs, networking sessions, case competition, alumni visits) and cultural events (Noche de Muertos- Mexican, Diwali – Indian, etc.), Ohio State and Fisher are always organizing a plethora of miscellaneous events that help students find relaxation amid demanding school time schedule.