A very important part of any MBA program is providing its students with hands-on learning opportunities. I believe that Fisher does an outstanding job at doing so. Last semester, we had the opportunity as a class to participate in an internal case competition among all first-year MBA students.
As the first semester of school came to an end, I could see how the business acumen of my peers and I had started increasing, and we started looking at different things from a business perspective. At the same time, we all started discovering the different areas in which we are interested either HR, supply chain, marketing, or finance among many others.
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With the third semester coming to a close, I'm almost all the way through my MBA. Looking back at this semester, I strongly feel I made the right decision by choosing to join Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. I was always interested in Operations and that was one of my motivating factors in selecting Fisher. My experience with the operations faculty has been phenomenal with all faculty members having not only in-depth knowledge of the subject but also real-world industry applications.
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Hi everyone, I'm Amarjoth Singh Walia, a second-year MBA student at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business. I recently completed my internship at Amazon as a Pathways Operations Intern at GEG1, Spokane, Washington. Fisher played a vital role in my application process for Amazon, providing me with the necessary tools, including interview preparation sessions, resume review & a vast network of alums who have joined the Pathways program. When I left India for my MBA, it was the company I dreamed of joining due to my passion for operations & supply chain management.
As summer started coming to an end, my email inbox started getting full of emails from all different departments at Ohio State. This made me feel anxious and a little overwhelmed but also very excited. I could not believe that after all the hard work that went into my application, the essays, the admission exams, and the interviews I was finally going to start my journey at Fisher College of Business.