Choosing My Second Semester Electives

As the first semester of school came to an end, I could see how the business acumen of my peers and I had started increasing, and we started looking at different things from a business perspective. At the same time, we all started discovering the different areas in which we are interested either HR, supply chain, marketing, or finance among many others.

So, the time of the year when we must pick our electives came around, and personally, I was a little nervous. I value the opportunity to be part of this program because I get to learn from people that are considered leaders in their field. Therefore, I struggled to pick from an immense list of interesting electives.

I was encouraged to meet with our academic advisor, to better shape my path to match my interests and post-graduation objectives. In the end, I chose the following electives:

  • Consumer Behavior: While all of us are consumers, our intuitions about our own behavior as well as that of others are often inaccurate. In this class, we learn and use theories developed in marketing, psychology, and other behavioral sciences to better predict how consumers will respond to different marketing activities.
  • Data Visualization: This class focuses on making visualizations that “pop” and convince, as well as teaching us how to better navigate through uncertainty in data and help us filter and demonstrate what should be used for an exact value discussion.
  • Marketing Research: In this class, we will apply modern marketing research procedures to a variety of marketing problems. There is an emphasis placed on survey design and sampling, attitude measurement, perceptual mapping, market segmentation, conjoint analysis, and measurement of customer satisfaction.

All things considered, the ability to structure my class schedule to better fit my long-term objectives, and interests; is something that set apart FCOB over other business schools for me.