Business Meets Fashion in Milan

How studying in Milan is a dream come true from a fashion lover's perspective

Milan, Italy is often referred to as the fashion capital of the world, and if you take a look at others while walking around the city, you can clearly tell why. The fashion district or the “Quadrilatero d'Oro” is in such a charming part of Milan with quaint streets and classic Italian feel. The Galleria Vittoria Emanuele ii, is filled with the big name shops and is just as grand as seen in pictures. As a student studying Marketing with an interest in fashion, I have learned so much about the industry from just everyday events to the advanced experiences of my professors, while my time on the Student Exchange Program - Bocconi University. 

Two of the four classes I’m taking at Bocconi are fashion related. As I’ve always had an interest in fashion, I figured there was no other place to learn more about it. The course "Management of Fashion Companies" has taught me so much about esteemed luxury brands, some of which are based directly in Milan. Getting to go to the Armani museum, along with many other brands on a whim is quite amazing and something you couldn’t get anywhere else. I’ve gotten to learn in depth so much more about brands I’ve heard about all my life. With so many of these famous brands starting and having been produced in Italy, let alone Milan, there are numerous opportunities to get an internal look at these brands. Additionally, I am taking a course called "Entrepreneurship and Strategic Innovation in the Fashion Industry" which has been so impactful on learning more about the integrated worlds of Business and Fashion. Going through the simulation of creating a start up, having to take into account every factor, has been the most enriching educational experience I’ve ever been a part of. We’ve been put in contact with start-ups from around the world, have had many guest speakers from high end companies and even individuals come in to recruit. Being able to take these classes in one of the business capitals of the world has been an experience like none other. Bocconi has also provided for numerous opportunities and events related to fashion around Milan, because of this, I feel like I’ve learned just as much inside of class as I have outside. 

Along with my classes studying abroad here, Milan’s Fashion Week has been an incredible event to witness in person. Even though it’s difficult to get into some of the big name shows, we’ve been able to attend lots of fashion-related events and seminars. We even waited outside of the Versace show and got the chance to see so many famous designers and celebrities. The energy of Milan during Fashion Week is extremely exciting and vibrant. It’s been a great time to gain scope on others style as well as experiment with my own. 

All in all, Milan is a fantastic choice for study abroad, if you want to study business and especially fashion. With the advanced class curriculum that allows for such immersive learning experiences it’s truly unlike any other school. Not to mention getting to strut your outfits during Milan Fashion Week!

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