Contributors to the My Fisher Grad Life blog for the 2019–2020 academic year are listed below. Please note: some authors may contribute to the blog for multiple years.

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Full-time MBA (FTMBA)

Chuck Andrejcisk

Undergrad Institution: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Undergrad Major: Electrical Engineering

Previous Employer: Vivint Solar
Job Title: Warehouse Lead

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Joseph Biggie

Undergrad Institution: University of Cincinnati
Undergrad Major: Political Science

Previous Employer: United States Army Reserve
Job Title: Operations & Intelligence Officer

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Ting Fan Chang

Undergrad Institution: Taipei Medical University
Undergrad Major: Public Health

Previous Employer: Arbol International Ltd.
Job Title: Project Manager

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Jesse Dawson

Undergrad Institution: Olivet Nazarene University
Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineering

Previous Employer: Ford Motor Company
Job Title: Exterior Integration Engineer

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Sandy Lopez-Zeldon

Undergrad Institution: University of Michigan
Undergrad Major: Movement Science

Previous Employer: Thomas Conrete, Inc.
Job Title: Logistics Specialist

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Fredric Morgan

Undergrad Institution: The Ohio State University
Undergrad Major: Industrial Engineering

Previous Employer: Danone North America
Job Title: Procurement Manager

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Meryom Patillo

Undergrad Institution: University of Georgia
Undergrad Major: Chemistry & Ecology

Previous Employer: Kognetics
Job Title: IT Consultant

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Will Porter

Undergrad Institution: Miami University
Undergrad Major: Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs

Previous Employer: Abercrombie & Fitch
Job Title: Inventory Management

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Shoumodip Roy

Undergrad Institution: National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
Undergrad Major: Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Previous Employer:  Tata Steel
Job Title: Senior Manager Operations

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Sanvy Yang

Undergrad Institution: Truman State University
Undergrad Major: Biology

Previous Employer: CVS Caremark
Job Title: Pharmacy Intern

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Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM)

Elise Zawacki

Undergrad Institution: Central Michigan University
Undergrad Major: Human Resource Management

Previous Employer: Domino’s Pizza Inc.
Job Title: Human Resource Intern

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Karina Ribeiro Teixiera 

Undergrad Institution: Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro
Undergrad Major: International Relations

Previous Employer: Doctors Without Borders
Job Title: Human Resources Manager

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Mai Erana Salmeron

Undergrad Institution: Boston University
Undergrad Major: Hospitality Administration

Previous Employer: Fisher Graduate Admissions Office
Job Title: Graduate Administrative Assistant

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Master of Accounting (MAcc)

Celine Chehade

Undergrad Institution: The Ohio State University
Undergrad Major: Operations & Accounting

Previous Employer: EY
Job Title: Assurance Intern

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Eric Luehmann

Undergrad Institution: Vanderbilt University
Undergrad Major: Human & Organizational Development

Previous Employer: BDO
Job Title: Tax Intern

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Tam Nguyen

Undergrad Institution: Trinity University
Undergrad Major: Accounting

Previous Employer: Deloitte
Job Title: Audit Intern

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Mike Powers

Undergrad institution: Augustana College
Undergrad Major: Accounting

Previous Employer: PwC
Job Title: Risk Assurance Intern

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Specialized Master in Finance (SMF)

Namrata Basu


Undergrad institution:Bryn Mawr College
Undergrad Major: Mathematics


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An Nguyen

Undergrad institution: University of Wisconsin, Superior
Undergrad Major: Finance, Transportation & Logistics, & Economics

Previous Employer: Lazada Express Company Vietnam Limited
Job Title: Invoice Intern Analyst

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