Speaking on the CareerEQ Podcast

Hi everyone! In this blog post, I will be discussing my experience the CareerEQ Podcast, Fisher College of Business's very own career navigation podcast series. 

Before I dive into the CareerEQ podcast, it is important that I highlight the Office of Career Management at Fisher. Fisher's Office of Career Management (OCM) is one of the most valuable resources that you'll have access to as a graduate student. The OCM is your one-stop shop for all things professional, including career consultation, mock interviews, job offer negotiation assistance, and many other educational and professional services. The interactions that I had with the OCM during my time in undergraduate provided me with the skills and experience I needed to recruit for an internship with Deloitte in Chicago. I've included a link to more information about the Office of Career Management here. 

Given how much the OCM had helped me, I was very excited to be able to give back to them as a guest on their CareerEQ podcast. The podcast is hosted by Jon Quinn, a senior lecturer at Fisher, who teaches a variety of Marketing classes at the undergraduate and graduate level. The other guests were Rob Chabot, senior director of recruiting and admissions for the MAcc, SMF, and MHRM programs, and Adam Kadro, a current SMF student. Jon had told us that the subject of the podcast episode was going to be about Fisher's specialized masters programs, and that we should be prepared to share our motivations, experiences, and key takeaways from our graduate journeys. Overall, it was a great experience being on the podcast set, getting to hang out with Jon, Rob, and Adam, and providing my unique viewpoints to the podcast. 

If you're interested in a furthering your education with a specialized Masters program, give the podcast a listen! CareerEQ is on Apple Podcasts as well as the CareerEQ webpage