O-H … I-O!

If you know me, it’s no secret that I am a huge buckeye fan. But, when you go to Ohio State for undergrad, buckeye fever is in your blood! However, it’s more than just a game on a field, it’s an experience. From tailgating with Fisher friends beforehand to going to the game and cheering on a win, it’s a great break from classes, homework, school, internship/job searching and the 10,000 other things on a business student’s to-do list.

Ohio State is full of rich traditions, but I think the football atmosphere takes win. When you are on campus during game day,everywhere you look it is a sea of scarlet and grey. Games are usually Saturday afternoons, but the night games against big components are even more fun. True, during late October and early November, the layers start to appear. We just played Penn State – and everyone was putting on scarves and hats!

OSU v. Penn State – cold, but so much fun
The Shoe!
Fisher Ladies!

Ohio State football is full of traditions, from Brutus Buckeye, to the Mirror Lake Jump, to the leaves on the players’ helmets. The games are a great way to bond with fellow students and make incredible memories. My MBA program is only two years, and they are FLYING right by me.

The game, and the celebrations before and after, are memories that I will never forget!

Go bucks 🙂

Buckeyes in Paradise

While taking a vacation/break in the Tampa Bay/Clear Water Beach area, I decided to make my way down to Anna Maria Island.  Now, I have been to quite a few beaches in my life (e.g. Bahamas, Pompano Beach, La Jolla, etc.) but I must say, this is probably the most gorgeous (and secluded) place I have ever visited.  The water was crystal clear blue, the weather was a gorgeous, humidity free 88F degrees and I had all the sun I could handle.  All I can say is this:  paradise.

But I have come to one major conclusion while attending graduate school at Ohio State University:  Buckeyes are EVERYWHERE.  Even in paradise.

As I was walking back to the restaurant to get some more iced tea, I noticed this “Ohio State” hat propped up on a beach chair.  And being as curious as a cat, I decided to strike up a conversation to see if these folks were fellow Buckeyes like me.  And, as fate would have it, the couple were fellow Buckeyes and lived just outside of Columbus.  So what do you do when you have Buckeyes in paradise?  One word:  O-H-I-O.

So the next time you find yourself in the middle of paradise, keep a look out for some fellow Buckeyes.  I am sure there are some around!

Anne Marie Island, Florida

Buckeye Nation

Usually whenever people hear I go to OSU, the first response is something to the effect of, “Wow, that’s a big school, I’m not sure I could handle that.” I understand it isn’t for some people, but I would say to those who are on the fence that there are some great benefits of going to a big school.

Over the weekend I visited my boyfriend in Atlanta (he’s an OSU student completing a Co-Op) and like all loyal OSU fans, one of the first plans we had to make was where we were going to watch the football game. For a few months, my boyfriend had been telling me about this awesome bar that shows all OSU games. So, off we went to try this place. I wasn’t sure how many OSU fans would be in Atlanta, Georgia, considering it is SEC territory, but boy was I wrong…..

The bar is called Cocktail Cove. It’s decorated with the beach in mind. It has a wooden deck that wraps around the entire building with fake palm trees outside (not exactly what you would think of when you think OSU bar); however, on OSU game days it is decked out. There are OSU jerseys hanging around the bar, signs that read “Buckeye Parking Only” and one of my favorites was something I dubbed the “Buckeye Porsche” (grey paint job, red leather seats, and buckeye leaf decals all over the back of the car) parked right in front of the entrance. Once we got seated and I was able to look around for a few minutes I realized I was practically home. Everyone in the bar either had an OSU jersey or an OSU t-shirt. There were easily 150-200+ people there all in their red, OSU apparel, ready to cheer on the Bucks.

Before every kickoff they play the national anthem, followed by Carmen Ohio. During halftime, there is an Alumni Association raffle, complete with all kinds of buckeye gear. The Alumni Association also makes announcements about upcoming events in the city of Atlanta and what the association is doing for the school from Georgia. The DJ also yells OH randomly throughout the night. The fight song is sung whenever a touchdown is scored. They also serve “O Bombs” that are supposed to be red colored on game days. The Ohio State University Atlanta Alumni Club is alive and well at Cocktail Cove.

It’s an incredible feeling to know that even in the southern United States you can find Buckeye fans. To me, is a one of the huge pluses of coming to OSU. Yes, it can be big and sometimes a little overwhelming with all of the people and all there is to do, but once you become a buckeye, you are one for life. When people tell you that by coming to OSU you join a community, they really are telling the truth. However, what people sometimes forget to tell you is that you are joining a community that truly is global. When you’re away from Columbus, whether it be for vacation or after you’ve graduated, OSU suddenly doesn’t seem so big when you are able to meet fellow buckeyes almost anywhere you go and still get that feeling like you are home.

Cocktail Cove
From left: Tim Sposit, Don Sposit