My Favorite Class of the Week

Happy Fall!

Since this is my second and last year at OSU Fisher, I have made it a goal for myself to take advantage of electives courses that are offered for students. I enrolled in English Style Horse Riding lessons this session and have been loving the experience! The course is taught at a beginner level and teaches students the basic techniques of horse grooming and riding. The course is taught at the Sid Griffith Equestrian Center off campus in Hilliard, Ohio.

Students can find a range of interactive and creative elective courses (swimming, skydiving, dancing) on the registrar website. I personally took horse riding because I have been wanted to learn how to ride a horse since I was a child. Even though the course doesn’t count for credit on my MBA transcript, it is still beneficial for my personal development.

An additional benefit of taking an elective is that visiting the horse ranch has been a peaceful and rewarding part of my week. It has also been the most fun activity outside of my typical MBA classes. By registering for the class, it has also become a way for me to monitor my engagement in extra-curricular activities and hobbies. Graduate school can be a stressful time for students due to the rigorous class schedule and involvement in job recruiting. Therefore, any involvement in a stress-free elective can improve mental health during the school year.

Did You Know?

In the Fisher MBA Program, you can work with your support team to personalize your MBA by taking Fisher electives or even by taking a few electives across Ohio State's 100+ graduate programs.